Have you ever been in a room with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and everyone is catching up, and then it’s your turn…and you realize…I have no updates, no new job, promotions, vacations or boyfriends…I have a car, a house and a job but there seemed to be nothing new, nothing driving me, except for my relationship with God and decorating my house, which no one wanted to hear about anyway.

That was me for years and while I enjoyed catching up and even celebrating everyone else’s accomplishments, it felt like my life was drifting by and I didn’t know how to catch it. The crazy thing is that the get togethers didn’t expose how I felt. I felt that way all along, like I was the supporting character in the movie of MY own life. How, When, Where and Why did I let this happen? The answer to each is IDK. I don’t know if I ever had control or when, where or how I lost it.

This blog is two years in the making and was gonna be called “Maintenance Req’d” because that’s when I realized the issue and then on top of that revelation, my car started acting up and the maintenance required light came on. At that time, I didn’t have money for gas, let alone to put my car in the shop; I was overweight, unhappy, broke and felt stuck. I guess that was my rock bottom. When I saw that light come on the dash, it was like something clicked and I knew I needed to overhaul my life. So I made a YouTube page and even brought a camera but I got intimidated because all of the gurus seemed to have it all together and I was a mess so I never started.

So why now? I’ve matured and I have thicker skin. Because I’ve always been told how creative I was and I wore it like a badge of honor but never did anything that I wanted to do with it, I owe it to myself and if not to myself, then to the God who resides on the inside of me. He’s my Creator and I’m created in His image. I’m created to be a creator and I’m not comfortable in my comfort zone any longer. I’m realizing when our dreams are more uncomfortable that our current situation, we will stay in our comfort zone but when our comfort zone becomes more uncomfortable than our dreams we find the strength to launch out. This is me launching and I’m excited!

“The comfort zone is the greatest enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures perspective and conquers fears.” -Dan Stevens

And also, the vision has changed. It’s bigger than me now. It’s about you too! I know there has to be others out there that have had a “fork in the road” experience and is ready to launch out. I want us to do it together. This site, myself and the topics that I discuss are not about perfection. Trust me, my punctuation won’t always be correct,  I’ll probably have some run on sentences or misspelled words. I can almost guarantee there will probably be times when I look a mess or my background is jacked up and some fragments might be sprinkled in but I promise to be consistent.

I truly believe that those who choose to be true to themselves and follow their dreams are peculiar people. Instead of becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable, let’s face it! Honestly, what do we have to loose? The comfort zone really isn’t all that comfortable anyway. It’s full of sub par jobs with less than fair pay filled with people who don’t appreciate you. The Peculiars take the leap of faith and realize that they are a chosen generation, that there’s still time, space and the opportunity to fulfill their passions. I think that’s courageous…that’s faith…that’s love.

I love you, Peculiars and I hope you join me on OUR adventure of taking back our power, faith, love and dreams!!

P.S.-By the way, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Beebz ❤

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