Weekend Adventures

Hey Guys,

How was your weekend? My weekend was really fun!…I typically do Shabbat on Saturday nights but since my teaching, I’ve felt like I wanted to go back to Fridays. So, I asked my bff, Jen and her mom if they felt that they were missing something by not celebrating it on Fridays. (They were gracious enough to put it off until Saturdays due to my work schedule.) Her mom actually said that she would like to try Fridays. So after work, I went directly to their house and it was cool. I got there about 11pm and we completely finished around midnight. I must say that the next day I felt freer. I can’t really put it into words. It’s like I had so much more weekend left. There was more time to actually rest; opposed to us doing it on Saturday nights and spending half the day in service.


Saturday I spent my day, picking up around the house and then hung out with Jen and her mom again. Jen and I planned to throw¬†around ideas for money-making possibilities and we spent all day doing that. It was actually relaxing and relaxing is a word that’s usually foreign to my vocabulary, but I am determined to use it more regularly.(Speaking it into existence ūüėČ ) I know the Sabbath is typically spent doing no work and some would even say that creating is work but I tend to think that as long as you are honoring God and remembering what He did for you, you’re good. I’m actually on the fence about this but to be honest it was the¬†only free time I had. Now that the schedule has changed I’m definitely going to ask God how¬†He would like for me to spend¬†the day that I’ve dedicated to Him.¬†¬†Either way, the Word states, that the Sabbath is made for us and not us for the Sabbath. I definitely rested in Him but I can’t help but feel like there’s a blessing wrapped up in me committing to replicate the Jewish Sabbath as much as possible. We were suppose to go out to an open mic event and decided not to.

Sunday, I went to service. Our foundations teaching was about repentance which was¬†a subject¬†that has been really stirred up in me¬†since I began reading, Uninvited. Actually, it’s been something that’s been¬†stirred up since starting this blog. Repentance is not just saying, “I’m sorry.” It is action, a turn towards a completely different direction, a change in mindset. So I have decided that I am repenting from my old thinking. I am repenting from allowing myself to be manipulated, misused and under valued. I am actively changing the way I see myself. I will no longer see myself in the light of anyone else’s truths, but only my own and God’s. This was the Sunday for my team to minister praise and worship and you could feel the people enter into the presence of God. It was so much freedom in that place, words of encouragement were released and God got the glory. Needless to say I had a phenomenal time. The message was entitled, “Where’s your faith?” I learned that there are different types of faith and that there are steps that can be taken¬†for increase in that area. The steps are listed below:

How to Increase Faith:

  1. Feed your faith by reading God’s word
  2. Exercise  your faith (works)
  3. Embrace your downfall, without holding on to it
  4. Listen, take heed and celebrate others testimonies
  5. Pray-personal, intimate conversation with God


After Service, I got ready for a concert which was really fun. The artist sounded just like all the albums. Sidenote- Don’t you hate when the artist switches the song up and you’re all into it and then they try to get creative? I can’t stand it. Stick to how you sung the song on the radio/track! LOL…btw,¬†all of his adlibs sounded just like the track… back to the earlier convo…I¬†went to the concert¬†with my other bff (I have 3) Sabrina and her mom, who I don’t get to see as much since she’s started school again and I got the second job. We plan to have more epic hangouts in the future so I will definitely bring you all along or either let you know about it in a recap. Anyway, tell me about you guys’ weekend? Was it relaxing? Did you hang out or stay in? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you on Thursday with the Uninvited Chapter 2 recap,

Beebz ‚̧




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