I Saw My Dad and I Didn’t Die


So I just got finished completing my post and pushed a button and lost everything. Hopefully I can capture what I just typed. Anyway, how was your holiday? Please let me know in the comments. I would love to have a conversation with you…So I’m always a asked this question during this time and I figured I’d pose it to you all. What are you most thankful for?

This weekend my aunt kept saying something and I think she’s right. She said, “As you get older you begin to understand how important family is.” I’m most thankful for that. I’m most thankful for my family. I’m most thankful for those that show me love and allow me to show them the same. I’m thankful for the willingness to try new things, to still have adventures and the audacity to believe that everything works out for my good. I’m thankful that I’m not just concerned about my “few” and no more.

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Speaking of others, have you heard about the situation happening with Standing Rock? It is devastating. Growing up, during Thanksgiving, the media inundated us with cartoons depicting “Pilgrims and Indians” as great friends who gathered around a table to have a wonderful meal (break bread, covenant, treaty or truce) showing that they had come to an agreement to live together peacefully in the land.

20161128_082105Now, I’m not stating that we shouldn’t spend time with our families. We absolutely should, I did…but we need to understand that we are all connected. As you understand this truth, the very real thing, I believe most of us have forgotten is that what happens to one happens to us all…because we are all family…family of the human race. Through each and every one of us generations are connected.

Again the media, has taught us that they “played nicely.” We were shown that they came together as one but they didn’t…their land was taken in greed, many were killed and those that were left were placed on reservations and forgotten about. Now, during this season, the Sioux Tribe of North Dakota are protesting and fighting again due to the quality of their clean water being compromised. This is a basic right! It’s something you might hear about in a 3rd world country but it’s happening here in America and most people don’t even know this is going on or maybe they don’t care because we care more about what the media tells us to.

Now, instead of showing those cartoons, the media tells us that we need to begin shopping for Christmas, fight each other for the last tv/toy, and be materialistic and greedy…nothing’s really changed. So it’s likely you’ve seen very little coverage about Standing Rock and more commercials about toys to buy the children in your life. We’ve forgotten what’s really important. We feed our egos with all of this consumption whether it be food or greed either way, its basis is gluttony. We empty our bank accounts during Black Friday and lie/teach our children that a fat guy comes down your chimney to give them whatever they want. This perpetuates that no one else matters but them. Unfortunately, once they grow up they find out the hard truth, that the world doesn’t revolve around them and while they thought it would be rainbows and butterflies, the world bites them in their hind parts. The world is cold and no 500lb man coming down the chimney can save them from that. To feed them this is careless. How can we expect any pure goodness to happen to us when we could care less about others more less our own children?

We are all connected, remember? If it happens in 3rd world countries (and it does) …It affects us! We tend to have a mindset that “it’s them, not us”, if someone can come in and install pipeline that will threaten their livelihood, it’s very, very possible that not only will and should this affect us, it has affected us because we’ve turned a blind eye to the suffering of others unless it’s our own. Due to this arrogance and ignorance, this is happening everywhere not just in 3rd world countries or North Dakota but it can happen where I am and where you are, we are not special or exempt but if we take up someone else’s cause, we take up our own. Please research, do something if possible, pray that God will intervene and use the #StandingWithStandingRock to spread awareness.

So as the title stated I saw my dad and didn’t die. My aunt recently purchased a home about 5 hrs away and I took my first road trip by myself. I’m not gonna lie and say that everything was perfect with my father, we had a couple of hiccups. We didn’t have much interaction but all and all the overall time was amazing. The family did a lot of family focused activities such as playing BINGO, Charades and Hide and Go Seek. I’m not sure what this means for our (My dad and I) relationship. I’m not sure if this will jump start our relationship again but I was and I still am excited about the time I spent there.

Thinking about Standing Rock made me take my focus off of what did or didn’t happen with my dad. It made me take my focus off myself, what I didn’t get and how I felt. It made me send them positive vibes. It made me pray for someone else other than me and mines. I was thankful. I focused on what I had not what I needed to buy but the souls that I had the privilege of watering and loving. I’m grateful and I stand with Standing Rock…I hope you will too. #StandingWithStandingRock

Peace, Blessings and an abundance of overflowing water,

Beebz ❤

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