Current Obsession #1

Hey Peculiars,

I know I’ve been sticking to a pretty tight schedule, Monday-open topic and Thursday-book review but I wanted to do something different. I’m definitely going to continue with the book review but I don’t want this blog to become sooo predictable and/or depressing. That book goes deep and because I’ve been going through a lot, I feel that it’s showing up in my Monday topics as well.

I’m not showing you all the different facets of myself and I want to. So I may introduce different days of sporadic, shorter posts and keep Thursdays as the book review day. We’ll see, my schedule is changing and I need to implement something that will work around it but you’ll be the first to know when it’s finalized…I promise👊

To describe how I was feeling, I used an anology of a dog digging for a bone. I know that the bone is my healing; it’s the goal. And while I want this blog to be the vehicle to get to it, this blog is still about who I am now and I feel like the mess is going everywhere. 💩 It is clouding everything that is good in me. So my focus is going to change a bit. Hope you don’t mind.☺

Sooo on to the topic I came here for…Turbans!!!👳 Random, I know but I live for a good turban, honey. I love to accessorize (especially since my weight fluctuates) So I’m about to put you on to game.

I previously used scarves to do my turbans but I found this bomb company called Trendy Turban . The owner, Mary Jane seems so sweet. I found out about it because I’m a Youtube fanatic and Mary Jane’s turbans were featured on FaceOverMatter‘s page. (She’s amazing too. You’ll love her)

I had already been wearing turbans so I knew I had to have them. I started my collection in the Spring and I easily have at least 20. There’s nothing like a turban on a lazy, bad hair day when you don’t feel like wearing heavy necklaces or earrings. It instantly pulls you together and makes you feel stylish, not fashionable…stylish…but fashionable too.

Yves Saint Laurent said it best…Fashions fade, style is eternal.

And I definitely don’t mind investing because I will be wearing them FOREVER!!! (insert mad scientist laugh here 😃😈😅)

Here’s a couple…ok, more than a couple, of pics of me rocking my favorite accessory.

*Sorry I couldn’t add any music to the slideshow due to copyrights

Let me know what you think in the comments section and tell me what’s your favorite accessory. Maybe you can put me on to something too!

Love ya✌


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