Hebrew Month-Kislev


So as you guys know I’ve been studying my Jewish Roots for awhile now. It’s become a huge part of me so I’d figured I’d share with you all. I’m not saying that I have all of the revelation on this subject but I did want to share what I do know.

There are so many reasons to learn about our Jewish Roots. Although, I was in church I knew there was something more. I knew that I should live a life pleasing to God but had no idea how to do so, so I kept sinning because it was easier and I had fun doing it, at least at that time I did. (It’s only fun for a season) At church I learned about the tools that I had been equipped with and still had no idea of how to use them. I knew I had a destination but didn’t know how to get on the right path. I knew that I had an inheritance but didn’t know why or how I gained it or how to claim it. I was taught that you had to claim it by speaking it and so I started reciting it but nothing changed…until I opened my mind and my heart to something new. The “something new” challenged me to think outside of the box, at first it was head knowledge and little by little it became heart knowledge. That “something” wasn’t just a movement; it was a mystery and is a lifestyle.

As a Christian, I’m regularly asked, “Are you Jewish and why are you incorporating it into your lifestyle?” My answer is always the same…”No, I’m not a Jew but I serve a Jewish man. Shouldn’t that be enough reason to study the culture?” When I said, yes to Jesus, I committed to Him. I don’t want to follow someone that I half way know, maybe knowing Him in spirit but not in truth. The truth is…He is a real man…a Jewish man. How can you relate, if you don’t know about Him? If I’m passionate about Him, I want to be passionate about everything He is. He’s a Jew, so the fascination began with that. Plus, for whatever reason I always felt very connected to Jews through their historical experiences I’d seen or learned about and I really wanted to understand why it hit home the way it did.

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.- John 21-25 NIV

Please understand, not only is Jesus Jewish and lived a Jewish lifestyle but in many of His teachings He spoke to other Jews; so a lot of things were implied because the culture was the same. If you weren’t from that time and in that culture you could miss a lot. An example of this is now, a very popular saying is “Lit.” If someone isn’t from this area or doesn’t interact with the culture, they may think someone was saying something was on fire, opposed to it being cool or hip. So the scripture above is merely saying that if everything that He did and if everything had to be explained that was implied  there would be no room.

Years ago, my Apostle decided that we would go through the Bible, she realized that when we came to the portion about celebrating the Sabbaths and Feast Days that she couldn’t teach it and when my congregation began to go explore our Hebraic Roots I was ecstatic. We began having these meetings called Rosh Chodesh which means Head of the Month where we discuss what’s happening in the upcoming month.

Kislev is synonymous to November/December as the month tends to be start and end in the middle of “our” months but recently the Hebraic beginning of the month (Rosh Chodesh) has begun closer to the beginning of the Gregorian month. (Keep in mind that in that culture the day begins at night to day, whereas ours begins day to night) Therefore, Kislev began on the night of November 30 and crossed over to the dusk on December 1st. The month ends on the 29th of Kislev which corresponds with dusk on December 28th to right before dusk on December 29th.

Kislev is a month to develop warfare strategies, enter into a new level of trust and rest in God to declare your life filled with tranquility and peace. It’s also known as the month of dreams. So be aware of any visions, revelation and dreams, whether it be events that happen while you’re sleeping or whether it is plans for your life. Dust those things off!

My good friend, Jen at 3 Point House has created a Hebraic calendar teaching tool as well as other products, please click here to see a full listing. The calendar contains the constellation, gem stone, scripture, body part, tribe, Hebraic letter for that specific month.  One of the most amazing things is that you will notice is that you will be able to relate to the teachings of the calendar throughout the month and nothing is better than being on God’s calendar.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed. Please let me know if there’s any other topics or ideas you guys would like for me to discuss.

Love ya, ❤




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