19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 2

Hey Guys,

Today I’m grateful that I don’t have any competition…I’m in a lane of my own. I know that sounds kinda cocky but to compete for or with anyone or anything is a choice and I choose not to. Old folk used to say and actually they still say, “What God has for me, is for me.” I’m a believer in this concept but I must admit it took me awhile to really understand it because there were times when I couldn’t see God’s hands working on my behalf, even when I thought I was moving in the right directions. A lot of times it felt like nothing was happening for me so I thought there was never gonna be anything that God has with my name on it. In those times, it’s easy to compare your life and what you have whether it be to someone else’s life or to your own ideas of where you thought you would be. Trust, I’ve definitely been guilty of that but you don’t know the price that was paid or even if you would be willing to pay it had it been presented to you and vice versa. In trying to rationalize my feelings, I’ve said…”Lord, I know what You have for me is for me and thank you for that but right now I want this…” Looking back on it, I was such a baby.

I love the advice given in Zechariah when it says…

 Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.”- Zechariah 4:10 NLT

So first of all, what is a plumb line? It is defined as a line or string with a weight at the end. The plumb finds the depth of water or it determines the vertical on an upright surface. It can be used in navigation and when suspended, points directly towards the earth’s center of gravity which is used to determine verticality, the depth of water, etc. 

Zerubbabel was a governor and he was given the task to rebuild the temple and for years he saw no progression. For years it sat at the foundation stage due to…you name it…discouragement, disappointment, resistance from enemies, others not catching the vision, etc….exactly what we go through when faced with such a huge task/vision and not only that, the first temple was Solomon’s temple which was full of splendor, so it was a hard act to follow. Who could blame him? It’s easy to see how discouragement snuck in. This was me, my accomplishments looked like small potatoes compared to everyone around me but it wasn’t until I realized that when I couldn’t see His hand working for me, I had to trust His heart. I then, had to be honest and ask myself if He loved me enough to take care of me like He did everyone else and I knew He did.

So what does Zerubbabel’s plumb line have to do with the small beginnings? Zerubbabel was a leader, a supervisor if you will. He was in charge of the construction and the plumb line could’ve been used as a tool on the construction sight but you can’t neglect that it says “…for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” right in the middle of that. I think it shows that you might be a leader, a supervisor or someone in charge but God is right in the middle…start and give Him something to work with. As I stated before the plumb line is a tool and I believe that tool is your Why.

flowers-dont-competeSo what is a Why? Why is…the answer to the question, Why are you doing this? Why do you exist? It’s your purpose or intention. These are all self examination questions. Your Why provides you with clarity, meaning and direction. It is a filter through which you can make decisions, every day, to bring your cause to life. It’s the small daily steps you take toward fulfillment; therefore, the scripture pretty much says this is why God is excited for you to start because He will provide your next steps of execution and the plumb line will determine its depth and how upright your intentions are. Your Why is a statement, one sentence that captures your unique contribution and impact. The contribution is the real, actionable part of your Why. The impact is the condition you wish to leave the people and world around you. Together, these two components provide fulfillment for you and those you serve.

Instead, let us test and examine our ways. Let us turn back to the LORD..- Lamentations 3:40 NLT

For a minute, there was also a popular saying Do it for the gram! Instagram, that is. It was an attention thing but the attention was those people’s Why? I believe that the plumb line would say that it’s not enough to fulfill which is why those people are still “doing it for the gram.” When you can clarify your intentions it takes your focus off of what everyone else is doing and places it on something that is often bigger than yourself to fulfill a greater purpose. When your intentions are good, you feel good, you send good vibes and you can purely celebrate others because you come to the table with confidence, you offer greatness and can expect greatness back. When greatness is in the presence of greatness, both shine equally; it gives others permission to be great.

Therefore, even in my lowest point I show up, I’ve begun this blog, I don’t despise it’s small beginnings. I am proud that God is in the middle of it and that it’s depth is good. I’m grateful that without fear, I celebrate other’s greatness and know that mine is on the way.

I hope this inspires you to complete your own examination of your intentions, look at them honestly, courageously make necessary changes and become excited about your progress because God is with you and so am I.

Be encouraged!


Beebz ❤

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