19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 16

Hey Peculiars,

I’m thankful for…self awareness. Have you ever been in a place where you had your own “Ah Ha” moment? I believe I had one of those yesterday. It felt like everything I had been feeling had led me to it.

Earlier in the day, I heard about this amazing concept of crop failure. When you understand that every word you speak is a seed and then you become aware of what you actually speak, I believe most of us would really be surprised at the outcome. Yesterday, I was randomly speaking about how I used to love fashion and then I said but “I would never wear shorts.” I wish I could say that I caught myself but I didn’t, I kept right on talking but Jen did, my bff whom I was talking to. It was so eye opening for me. Now obviously this isn’t an example self awareness but the fact that I’ve realized that I used to be into this and now I’m somehow not, is.

Brittany from Pocketsand BowsTV on YouTube

In fact, I don’t know when I stopped being into it. The only thing I can come up with is the fact that I’ve accumulated some weight. I had to go back and speak crop failure over that negative statement. Although it might be a fact that I’ve never been comfortable in shorts, the truth is I would like to wear shorts. I’m just not comfortable wearing them at this present moment. I know this isn’t really big deal at least in terms of the shorts but it is a big deal when you think about all of the random things we say throughout the day. Those small things add up and they become the sum of your day, week, month and/or year.

During that same phone call, Jen kept reciting that she was tired. I understand that she may had very well been tired at that moment but to recite it is creating a future of tiredness.


We are, today, the words we spoke of our past and what we are tomorrow will be determined by the words we speak today- Beebz

Jen is talented and has a desire to start a company but when she comes home from work, she’s drained and makes little to no progress on her own projects. (This is not gossip, she knows) I believe it’s due to the words she’s declared over her life without knowing that they were declarations. The crazy thing is that it’s easy to see that about her life but I couldn’t see that about my own until she pointed it out for me, so I’m not pointing the finger at her but merely stating that it’s easy to see other’s mishaps and unconsciously bypass your own. thought

So I’m becoming more intentional about how I speak. When I wanted to become more thankful, I began this 19 Days of Thankfulness exercise. So now that I want to be more aware of what I’m saying and doing and how they line up, the exercise begins now.

I made a statement earlier in this post “I’ve accumulated some weight.” This is a fact. In the past my weight has fluctuated. However, when I speak I should speak from a place of having already received my desires. So Jen and I have come up with a plan on how to tackle this (my plan is a little different than hers). So the plan to correct this behavior is when I hear myself or someone points out that I’ve made some type of negative confession. I will write it down, cross it out, speak crop failure over it and replace it with a positive confession. (Jen’s differs in that she won’t be writing down her negative confession. I choose to write my confessions out for tracking purposes.) I know this takes effort but faith without works is dead. I have faith that I will live a better life, this is the work it takes to make it better.

The amazing thing about this is in the realization of it all, it’s made me explore why my love for fashion diminished, it caused me to confront my issues and make a plan to fix it (my health) so that I can recover that piece of myself which creates a more fulfilled me. The cool thing about this concept is that it can be applied to any area of your life. In 2016, my goal was to handle things as soon as they came up. If someone needed prayer, I didn’t want to just say that I would pray for them. Nope, everything would stop right then and there and prayer took place. I think I’ve been successful in that. When I wanted to do something there was no excuses, I just did it and I’m happy with my progress. I will continue that going forward and in 2017 what I speak and think will be my focus, so I believe that this crop failure strategy will be a key to my success; at least until I am able to control what I say or think from the gate.

I hope you guys got something out of this one, maybe there’s areas in your life that you need to confront as well. Remember to be gentle but honest with yourself and then come up with tangible/measurable resolutions, hold yourself accountable and reward victories, no matter small or large.

Love you,

Beebz ❤

2 thoughts on “19 Days of Thankfulness…Day 16

  1. This was so inspiring! Thank you. I will continue to speak crop failure over those negative statements or words that come out of my mouth and replace them with positivity. This really hit home. Thanks again!

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