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I couldn’t stay away but for so long. I really miss you guys and I guess I got used to posting everyday. So anyway, I was wondering are you guys planning on setting resolutions for this coming year and have you ever set resolutions that you’ve actually kept? What are they and what are your new ones for this year? I don’t mean to be nosy. Let me stop lying, I do mean to be nosy, please let me know what they are in the comments section. I would really like some strategies to help me stick to goals that I’ve recently set for myself. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t necessarily call them New Year Resolutions since I’ve already started making the changes before the new year. Regardless, here’s what’s changing for me in the 17′:

I’ve already begun to eliminate “bad” foods from my diet. I’ve worked on this before and failed; so for some reason, this time, I’ve decided to look into Eating According to Your Blood Type . (My blood type is O, btw) Right now,20161227_181024 I’m in the process of figuring what’s right for me in terms of whether I’m going to be really strict and stick to the foods suggested or will I just opt to be more mindful when making my food choices and do more portion control. Either way, the site suggests that I should aim for 80% compliance and I think that’s pretty fair. My only hesitation with eating according to my blood type is and the reason why I haven’t tried eating better and working out in the last year is my schedule. It’s pretty tough for me to grocery shop, cook and find time to work out when I’m working majority of my day (from 6 am to 9 and 10 pm). So what’s changed and why am I motivated now? My waistline…

After (Current)

My waistline has expanded. I was actually doing really well with my wellness goals before I began the second job about a year ago and that completely went out the window once I realized how much of my time freedom had been compromised.

Lately, I’ve been noticing the weight gain has been more apparent, I’m tired and I know if I continue like this it wouldn’t be good so I’ve decided to do this despite my time constraints. I believe if I can give these jobs my time then I can give myself some as well. I’m not sure if you guys can see the difference in the above pictures, granted the one on the right is further away than the other but my waistline is clearly larger in the picture on the left.

braggsI’ve also been having a tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Pure Honey, Organic Cinnamon and water every morning and drinking it like tea, all of which are supposed to have great health benefits.

resized_20161229_161019Secondly, I’ve purchased a work out DVD, XTFMAX Personal Trainer program, which I’m committing to for 90 days, with possible rest days in between. After the 90 days, I will be assessing my progress and deciding what will be the next move. I purchased this on Jen’s recommendation. Although she’s never completed this particular set of DVD’s, she does own another set with the same lady. She seemed pretty pleased and well, it was affordable…We shall see what’s up in 60 days. Jen’s also doing this with me so I’ll have a motivational partner when I feel like slacking. resized_20161229_162522

My third and final goal is to accomplish the 52 week Money Savings Challenge (below). More than having $1,378 going into 2018, I want to foster a better relationship with money. There is a process to this and I should know, I’ve tried this before…and failed. Initially, I was concerned about the end, pulling $40 and $50 out of my money but when I actually started doing it the challenge was at the beginning. I thought it wasn’t a big deal to put the smaller dollar amounts aside so I attempted to bypass the process. Instead of putting money aside every week, I would let it accumulate and then try to add it. It worked a couple of times but how many of y’all know, that weeks come around really fast? At the time I didn’t understand that those smaller amounts are there to help me get use to the action of putting the money aside so when the larger amounts are required, the action would be the same. 52-week-challenge

I didn’t understand the importance of that process so when I started seeing the money accumulate, I spent it and tried to replace it but at some point even though the dollar amount added was small the total was larger and I didn’t want to dedicate that much money to it because I didn’t see the value in it because I had never learned or appreciated the principle. I’m determined to accomplish this as I desire to be a good steward and I somehow I believe it starts with this challenge.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning about my goals. I plan on making more post about my progress, how I plan to keep myself motivated, and tips, etc. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year’s celebration if I don’t talk to you before the weekend.

Love ya,

Beebz ❤


3 thoughts on “Resolutions???

  1. I have made goals to exercise regularly in previous years as well as save money and along the way I always just stop and give up. In the last few weeks of this year the word consistency has been ringing in my ear. Consistency is the one habit that can assure success in whatever goal we set. I think about how consistent I am in other areas such as remaining employed and I am determined to make sure I am not without money for too long because the feeling of lack never settles well with me. I have to learn to apply that same consistency in everything I do. I too have noticed my waistline getting wider and stomach expanding. I can definitely do better in the area of eating too but as I said before I know for me remaining consistent is my key to success in my life. Love your blog for today Beebz!!

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    1. Yes, Bridgeeee. Consistency is the key, coupled with that I think small, manageable goals motivate the consistency. I set my goals for 3 months and as I’m reading your thoughts, I’m realizing that I may need to create even smaller timelines within that time period. 3 months unchecked is a long time. I totally agree with what you stated about the job, we don’t need motivation to go to work, most of us go and we don’t feel like it but we see the value in the output (check) and we muster up whatever we need to tap into to get there, perform and make it, day by day, week by week and year by year…all of that time we aren’t necessarily motivated but we understand the value of our consistency. Good point!!


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