Hey Guys,

I saw this picture this morning and I wanted others to see this who may be casually walking through life. I get that this season is a winter season, no life, actually seems like more loss of life than anything, but today you can choose life for any dead situation, relationship, or dream. We have choices and it’s not too late to choose; you’re not too old, too broke, you haven’t made too many mistakes, or have too many sins and it’s not dependent on your feelings or connections.

Decide to live better, love deeper, go harder, chase your dreams, take back your power…TODAY, no “I’ll get to it”, no procrastination…Do it NOW! Begin and continue to build from one step but Begin! Today! Commit and let your word be your bond. Be trustworthy to yourself.

This person had a choice…and he chose. He followed his choice with action. He chose to be sad and he was and he chose to be excited and he was.

As a man thinks, so is he- Proverbs 23:7

Don’t let your life be full of shoulda, coulda, woulda when you CAN do it now. This person had to choose how he would see his day and we all have the same choice and the same 24 hours on the daily basis. It’s a choice to see the good or bad in everything, it’s a choice to face an imperfect day and imperfect people with a smile or be irritated. Remember that our choices are manifested by our actions. Let your words match your actions today and from now on. Be worthy of your own trust. One last thing, whether you choose or not, no choice is still a choice so you might as well make the one that you can be proud of.

Love ya and I hope this helps someone to stay the course or get started on the right one, whatever that might be… 😉


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