Resolutions??? Update…

Hey Guys,

What’s Up?..I miss you guys soooooooo much!! How are you? What have you been up to? Just thought I’d pop in to give you guys updates on my resolutions goals…I have been consistent, as in, working out everyday except for 2 rest days a week, eating according to my blood type with the exception of a couple of items…I had a #9 sandwich from Jersey Mike’s (so good) and a couple of slices of pizza. Honestly, my aim wasn’t to be flawless. I want a lifestyle change, but in that, I can’t ever say that I’ll never have cheese, ice cream, bread or avocado. Yep, avocado!! I know, I know, eating according to your blood type is contrary to what you may have perceived about “healthy” foods. My blood type is O (the + and – don’t matter). So for example, I’ve heard a lot of people say to stay away from red meat but for my blood type beef is great for me. Some foods that are associated with good health aren’t good for me and other foods that I’ve heard that weren’t good for me are. If you’re interested in finding out more about this regimen check out the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.

Again, I haven’t been perfect but this is not something that is gonna be perfect. My goal for eating was to make wiser decisions and the guidelines that has been provided has helped me to do that. I have cut many things out of my diet and others I’ve had I just made sure that it was in limited amounts. Previously, I was super excessive. Some was never enough. I had to finish everything. I would have Popeye’s for lunch, turn around and have Chinese for dinner, Papa John’s for lunch the next day and so on and so on. It was a norm not to have breakfast and let’s not even get on my workout regimen…because it was non-existent.

Once I started my Part Time job about a year ago, my health went out the window. I was doing really well with working out and was moving in the right direction. (click here if you wanna see pics) I thought if I got a job at the community center that I would be able to continue to work out and get paid at the same time but that wasn’t the case. There ended up being plenty for me to do and no time to work out and I ended up gaining 30 pounds in a year. I blamed it on my schedule, which was 4am wake up to about 11pm bed time, maybe later. I told myself I didn’t have enough time to grocery shop, cook, or work out.

I even tried staying at my mom’s to be closer to work, which meant more sleep, more time to work out and less gas being used…a win/win, right? WRONG. I didn’t have my own space there so I had nowhere to work out, my mom would order out every night and I would end up eating at 10 or 11 at night. Now I know I could’ve tried to find other alternatives but I didn’t feel like it, she had food for me and I didn’t have to pay so I indulged.Needless to say I had every excuse in the book as to why I gained and continued to gain but at some point, I realized something had to change. It was probably when my clothes started fitting too tight, I was getting winded walking up the stairs and when I started hearing reports of others dealing with health issues. I didn’t want that to be me but I didn’t have energy and couldn’t see me giving up more time to make the effort.

Now, I make the effort and I have the energy to do it. Yes, there are nights that I don’t get to bed until 12:30 but I have the energy to face the next day. To be honest, there were nights when I would go to sleep at 12:30 when I wasn’t taking care of myself but watching tv, talking on the phone or just doing nothing. So really that was just an excuse not to treat myself right. At the time I valued Pretty Little Liars and knowing who A was more than my health. Right now, my scale isn’t working but I feel great! I have tried using it and it’s says that I’m down 3lbs. Again, the accuracy is possibly off but it doesn’t even matter. I just love the fact that I’m moving. Previously, I began using coffee to wake me so that I could get through the day. Right before I made this decision, the coffee wasn’t working so I dropped the sugar and cream and then the black coffee stopped working. Now, my energy is through the roof, with no coffee at all. Since January 1st, I’ve pushed myself and I’m excited to purchase a scale so that I can better monitor my progress but what I can say is that clothes are fitting looser and people are noticing a difference as well.

I have also been using the Apple Cider Vinegar drink as well and alternating it with Alkaline water. I did some research and views are really divided on this. Some say that we have too much acid in our bodies and need to neutralize it with alkaline water and others say that we can’t really tell the pH of our bodies as the blood changes when it comes in contact with air. Those people tend to lean more to the thought that our bodies are too alkaline and that the Apple Cider Vinegar gives the necessary acid we need. I’ve also read that by putting lemons in regular water it makes it alkaline so there’s no need to purchase alkaline water. I’m not sure what side I lean to the most so I have continued to alternate the methods. I will continue to research this but let me know if you guys have any views on this topic. It would really be helpful.

Lastly, I’m proud to say that I’ve kept up with my 52 Week Challenge. We just passed the 3rd week so I paid myself $6 . This Sunday, I will be posting my added money for the 4th week. I’m so excited that I’m learning the concepts of saving now before anything breaks down or is required.

All in all, everything has been going really well. I’ve always heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit and it looks like I’m coming up on it. I’m grateful that I’ve implemented these practices because I’m creating the life I want to live.

I hope you enjoyed this update, if you did please like this post and subscribe and/or comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Peace and Blessings,

Beebz ❤

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