Resolutions??? Update…#2

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a wonderfully restful weekend. I did. I legit stayed in the house, besides going to church on Sunday. I’m never in the house all weekend but I felt that I needed some R&R, so I chilled. The goal was to clean up my office but let’s just say that it’s gonna need a few more sessions, due to all of the junk mail I throw in there. I’m a little paranoid about throwing out things with my address on it. So I save it for recycling day which is different from the regular recycling that you place outside your house once a week with the blue or yellow containers.

Anyway, on the job front, I have a job interview on Wednesday for a Social Media position. It’s been a minute since I’ve even gone on an interview but I’m excited, not anxious, excited…when I feel like I’m getting anxious I just remind myself, “What God has for me is for me.” I actually feel really good about it. So please send me positive vibes and prayers my way so I can knock it out of the park!

As far as lifestyle changes, I’ve still been eating according to my blood type and working out with Stephanie Oram’s Personal Trainer series.Image result for stephanie oram personal trainer I’m currently on week 5 and feel really strong, certain moves I couldn’t do, I’m starting to do with ease and I’ve even began to increase my weights and my range of motion. One of the biggest changes that have occurred between the last update and now, was that I now wake up at 3am to work out opposed to waiting until I got off work and got home, around 10pm. I can definitely tell a difference in this. I pop up at 3am and if I don’t, I have the flexibility to always do it after work. The morning workout gives me energy throughout the day and when I get home I like that I can go right to sleep if I want.

I wish I could tell you all a definite weight loss number but because my digital scale is off, I don’t know exactly how much I’ve lost but I know that I’ve lost and according to it, I’ve lost a total of 7.6 lbs. I can feel it in my clothes, sometimes that’s all the indication we need. I’m not gonna fake like I’ve done everything perfectly (my diet) but I’ve continued to work out, challenge myself and make better decisions.

A goal of mine was also to complete the 52 Week Challenge. Currently, we are on week 7 and I’m still going strong. So far I have $28 to show for it.

I definitely see these changes as permanent lifestyle changes that have been implemented to create the life I want to live. There have been times when I felt like reverting but you gotta hustle to see what you’re made of, not just so that you can prove it to others but so you can prove it to yourself and I am so much more powerful than I knew. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it, being willing to be gentle with myself and make changes when necessary.

Hope you guys enjoyed this update. I really appreciate your support for Wednesday and I’ll be sure to let you guys know about the results.

Love you,

Beebz ❤


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