Interview Ready…Finale

Okay Guys,

I’m not gonna do this long drawn out reveal. I found out today and…

I didn’t get the job. I’m not going to fake like I’m not disappointed because let’s be real, I am. I thought I had finally found what I wanted to do. I realized that for a long time I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I really wanted this. At the end of the day, I made a valiant effort, I did my very best and ultimately, I wanted God’s will to be done more than my own. Does it sting a little more since my job is ending? Of course! Unlike some of the other candidates, they have jobs they can go back to, mine is ending July 1st, new position or not. So there’s quite an opportunity to be anxious or to feel that God didn’t hear me.

Image result for peace in the midst of chaos

The flip side of that is that everyday I get a choice. I get to choose if I’m going to hold my head up high or if I’m going to get depressed because circumstances didn’t move in my favor. I get to choose to move toward the person I want to be or stay in the same place I was. The other day, I heard someone say, “Life is a journey, we can choose to go higher and climb the mountain where we know there’s impending danger or we can stay on the ground.” If we aren’t growing we are dying, if we are stagnant we are dying, if we aren’t challenging ourselves, we are dying and I refuse to die. So, my choice is to move to who I want to be. Here’s a couple of tips I’ll be following to propel me into that space and I thought I should share the wealth…tips-after-rejection

Screenshot_20170324-210213On my vision board that I pass everyday, I have a picture of a woman who is sitting on her couch enjoying the hell out of some tea and life is happening all around her. The dog is knocking over plants, kids spilling juice, her husband is acting a fool and she’s so peaceful in the midst of it. I also found another picture where a man is navigating his way through a sea of seemingly overwhelming paperwork but he looks more confident than ever, that he’ll pull through. I’ve always wanted to be that kind of woman and even as confident as that man. I knew life would happen but I wanted to be the most peaceful in the midst of it. Well, here’s my trial run. You really get to see who a person is when pressure comes.

riding-the-stormWill I be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who stood for God even in the midst of so many who threw their moral compasses out like yesterday’s trash and bowed to a false God. They submitted so they wouldn’t have to go through. Do I want to be like Peter who got out of the boat due to fear of the winds or do I want to be like the others who stayed in the boat and obeyed? I know there are a lot of stories about how heroic Peter was for getting out. Peter asked God if He was God and He was so he got out of the boat. God’s plan was for them to make it to the other side, not to walk on water. How do I know? Because he never dealt with the adversity he was supposed to deal with and because he did it came back around, the winds came back and he took his eyes off God, had that been what he was supposed to do, he would’ve passed the test and the others would’ve been reprimanded to not getting out of the boat. Instead, they still had to complete the first mission which was to go to the other side.

All along God was after their worship and they did just that once they got to the other side. So I choose to stay in the boat, no matter what winds of adversity may come.  I choose the furnace even when it’s up high because I know He’s with me and ultimately after my worship! So I’ll keep looking and striving to be who I want to become, no complaints, no regrets, only worship.



The Journey Continues…

Beebz ❤

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