Weekend Recap…

Hey Peculiars,

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy but fun. I am so grateful. If you’re wondering what could be so great after you didn’t get the job…keep reading.

20170225_170228The last Saturday of February, February 25, 2017, was the Queen’s Royal Court event at the Community Center and although I had to work, I invited my little cousin and my sister and we all had a blast. The event was a day of empowerment for girls ages 8-16 and there were over 80 in attendance. The day began with encouragement from various local pageant and college campus Queens. Followed by lunch catered by Panera Bread, 2 workshops and a performance. And if that wasn’t enough, they were gifted with huge gift bags, certificate of completion and pinned with a Royalty pin. There were dance break in between the planned activities which made it so much more fun than the previous year but I think my favorite part was hearing the impact it made with the girls; while reading the feedback so many girls said that it was the best day of their lives.


Then this past weekend (March 2nd to the 5th) we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


This was the first trip I’ve taken since December 2015 so you know I was due for a get away. I had so much fun, learned a lot, met people I’ve only seen online and really got to understand their stories and my own for that matter. We ate breakfast together every morning, had life training, at lunch together, broke out into sessions that dealt with finances and relationships, ate dinner together and hung out. Here’s some pics …20170304_094354

20170304_12302620170304_09123020170304_09152420170304_12270420170304_08465720170304_12245120170304_20485420170305_00333720170304_12304920170304_09145120170304_12264420170304_12295620170304_083609    20170304_085419

I came off that mountain with a different outlook. I learned the power of ‘I AM.’ I learned that I have to get out of my own way by stepping out of my comfort zone, I learned that what people said about me only defined me when I allowed it. I learned the importance of creating connections, I learned about how important energy is and how my perspective of a dollar has to change in order to attract wealth. Even after all that I learned, we partied and that’s what solidified everything for me. We weren’t being fake and proper, we were being who we were and I realized we all just want better and made a decision to go after it.

I AM creating the life and the person I want to become! I hope you are too 😉



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