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A couple of weeks ago, I was watching a bit of YouTube and one of my favorite people to watch, Jamie of Jamie and Nikki, had a tiny rant around the 3:24 period. I’ll link their video here. Right before his mini rant, Jamie was talking about how grateful he is to be able to get Nikki, his wife, a new Range Rover. He then, goes on to say that he doesn’t equate success with materialistic things and that it’s just a bonus. He views success as “having a job you love doing and being happy and your family being happy.” I do agree with him. I see the materials/wealth as a byproduct of success, whatever that is. This got my wheels turning… 

On April 6th, right after I watched Jamie’s video, I randomly realized that I’ve been blogging for about seven months but I did’t feel successful.  I had a poll entitled, I Gotta Get to Know Ya, because I wanted to increase engagement, no one answered the questions and I was a bit disappointed but by Jamie’s definition of success, I was successful…I’m doing what I love and I finally have expansive vision. I’m working on myself and my relationships and my family is good.

So why didn’t I feel successful yet? After watching Jamie’s rant, I acknowledged that my perspective needed to change. Right now, success is being consistent and faithful, whether you participate or not. I don’t want to offend anyone but if I based what I was doing on engagement, I would be all over the place, so I can’t base it on anyone but I can compare it to my vision.

I know this is one of those topics that is extremely customized to whomever is defining it. Everyone has their own opinion as to what it is or isn’t, so there’s no right or wrong answer. I believe when you have acquired a certain aspect of the whole definition then your focus shifts to the aspects of success you have yet to accomplish; therefore, your personal definition of it shifts to reach those goals not yet accomplished but one by one you are succeeding.Screenshot_20170419-133444

If I had to define success on a larger scale, it would be: operating in your purpose, creating value and having the freedom to be, have and do whatever, whenever, wherever, and however you want. It’s high level, but I was always told you eat an elephant one bite at a time. I believe that I have to apply the same principle. I’m not going to become an overnight “success,” it’s compounded. As I am faithful over little, God will make me ruler over much. All my life I wanted to know my purpose but it wasn’t until I did what I knew to do that I created the site and started to get excited. Initially, it was hard to step out in faith but I did and as I did the ideas came but before I did I was nervous I wouldn’t have any content ideas. I know my purpose is connected to the blog, so as long as I’m faithful, I’m succeeding.

I believe that the overarching idea is to help people find their voice, to find their way back to their creativity, which in turn, leads them back to their Creator. “I might be alone, but I’m never lonely” kind of thing but inspiring them to let them know that it’s okay because that’s where their freedom lies, right in that uncomfortable spot that everyone has laughed at and they never had the courage to explore. Them saying “yes” to the journey despite whatever anyone else says makes them peculiar and I know that there’s more who need to know this than just me. I was told all my life that I should aspire to get a job in the Government, not encouraged to go after my dream. I was told not to go to Art school but get a degree that I could “fall back on.” Now, that so called “safe utility company” is in the process of laying me off for a third time and now I’m left feeling like I wasted so much of my life on advice that amounted to nothing and yet I’m still unfulfilled. I don’t want that for anyone else. I want to be the voice of reason that says go after your dreams, you can be a poet, singer, dancer and a virtuous woman, whatever you wanna be, be it. You don’t have to be a doctor, lawyer or dentist just because other people told you that that’s the way to make a living. What those advisers did’t say is that you might make a living but you never have time to live. I want that for me and I want that for them.

Looking at that statement, I wasn’t trying to bash those who work their government job, those who work as a dentist, doctor or lawyer but I wanted to speak against being pressured into a decision that you never wanted because you needed a check or because you can do the work or even pass the test. I didn’t realize that it happens so frequently but it happened to me. Now, I can proudly say, I am successful because I’m doing it! I’m going after my dream unapologetically and although I haven’t achieved success, I am succeeding. How do you define success?

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