5 Years of Staying Shameless!!

Hey Guys,

I know I’m a little late but I just wanted to say Happy 5th Birthday to Shameless Maya’s movement!!! I’m an OG subscriber; I remember her videos in New York; when she cut her hair, when she did the Draw My Life challenge on YouTube, all of the videos with cousin Jeigh and that trick, Jackie (that’s what she calls her dog)…just to name a few. She’s such an inspiration and I’m so happy for her!!

5 years ago she dared to never be ashamed again and hasn’t looked back. Cheers to her bravery that has caused others to burst out of their comfort zones! It’s truly amazing how all of this has come from a social experiment of shameless self promotion. Check out the video of her reflecting on her journey, sharing some tips and answering some questions here. Also don’t forget to subscribe to her channel on YouTube, she has dope content.

P.S.-If you’re in the LA area, celebrate with Maya and friends on May 6th at her Anniversary Party. Click the link for more details: 🎈🎉✨🎊http://bit.ly/shamelessparty 🎈🎉✨🎊

Remember “Do you, be true and stay shameless!

Congrats, Maya and Team Shameless!

Lots of Love,

Beebz ❤

*Photo Credit-www.shamelessmaya.com (Shameless Enterprises, LLC)

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