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Hey Good Morning, Peculiars Screenshot_20170410-040021

I believe in giving folk their flowers while they are alive…so here’s yours. Not just because yesterday was Muva’s Day, but because I hope this blog celebrates you, me and the human experience the best way it can with every post made. I love you guys so much and I hope you can feel it.20170515_084704-ANIMATIONNow that that’s outta the way…I didn’t make a post on Friday and I’ve missed you guys but there was a lot going on. For the last 3 weeks we’ve had a co worker from India here for training purposes. We’ve worked with the “offshore” team since the contract began but when our department was extended for another 5 years, the client extended them, not us, so she had to learn the work they would be taking over come July. It was wonderful to have her here and it actually makes me sad that I met such an amazing person on my way out but that’s life…

That’s how I felt about missing her party… 😦

Also, my best friend, Sabrina graduated this weekend!!! Big ups to my boo!! I’m so proud of her. I know everyone is proud of their graduate but y’all don’t know all the adversity and challenges this girl has had to endure and on top of that working 2 full time jobs at times. Seriously, my goal was to be hoarse by the end of the ceremony. I love her so much and I want to celebrate her life. I thank God that she’s my friend and was sad that I was only able to stay long enough to see her walk across the stage and switch her tassel due to a work event I had to go to.

Next was this work event at the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, VA. I drove like a mad woman down 495 so that I could be sure we made it. My mom was my date. Had I known it was on the same day as Sabrina’s graduation, I wouldn’t have RSVP’d. Along with that RSVP came an agreement to pay for the $120 per ticket for a no show, so I had to go especially since I had a plus 1. The museum was beautiful; there were planes suspended in the air throughout the space. We got a little food and a couple of beers and got a seat in front of the bathrooms and people watched. There’s nothing like witnessing drunk people hobble to the bathroom due to their shoes suffocating the life out of their feet while trying to look cute in prom dresses. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed it! LOLOL

20170515_083004-ANIMATIONMother’s day was pretty chill. I went to service per usual and headed over my cousin’s house. She and her husband hosted brunch for the muva’s in our lives. We ended up getting crabs and enjoyed each others company. I celebrated with some real ones; cousins, aunts and mommas. We had such a good time! Shout out to all the Muva’s out there. In the prolific words of Tupac, Brittany cares if don’t nobody else care. (*Trivia-what song was that from? Answer below)

Anyway, I have to say my weekend was great! The icing on the cake would’ve been to get a day to sleep but I can’t even complain. I do miss you guys though so I think I’m gonna do an extra post this week to make up for Friday. I’m making a big decision soon and I need you guys to help me with my choice so be on the lookout for that.


*Keep Ya Head Up-Tupac “2Pac cares, if don’t nobody else care.”


bitmoji373112425Beebz ❤

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