To cut or not to cut?

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So today I’d thought I’d share with you about my recent desire to cut my hair…

I’ve had short, permed hair the past and grew it out to go natural. I dubbed my hair “The Bush” when it grew out it was before the “Natural Hair Revolution” so I didn’t have access to a lot of products. In fact, I used to use conditioner and black gel on my hair. Needless to say, it was a mess. As my hair grew, it retained water so I would walk around with wet hair all day and when I went to go to sleep at night, I would ruin pillowcases due to the brown gel smearing all over it. I would straighten my hair maybe twice a year but for trims and every time I would get crazy comments like, “I like you better like this.” “Why don’t you keep it like this?” “This is the Brittany I remember, you look like the old Brittany.” Needless, to say and as most of you know, you get the craziest comments when you’ve never asked for opinions but when you do, it’s crickets. Why is that? Anyway, I figured I had tried every other hairstyle, my hair was prone to tangling and my aunt had gorgeous locs so I went for it. As soon as I got my starter locs that’s when all of the natural hair care brands came on the scene. I love my locs and I really liked the process of transitioning with them but every so often I contemplate doing something different.

According to one of my best friends, Sabrina, I seemingly change my hair every 4 years or so which I didn’t even realize. I guess she’s on point because I just had my 4 year anniversary in April so I guess there’s some truth to that. However, I began pondering a little more about why I wanted to do this so I figured there’s nothing like a Pro and Con list…

 Pros-reasons to cut

  • Something New
  • Marks New Beginning
  • Not Feeling Self Conscious About What’s Caught In My Hair
  • Being Able to Scratch My Scalp Without Snagging
  • Feeling Lighter
  • Turbans Fitting Properly
  • Not Getting Hot
  • More Variety
  • Self Maintenance-cutting my own hair
  • Looks Neat
  • Fuzziness

Cons-reasons not to cut

  • Missing the Length
  • Possibly Feeling Self Conscious
  • More Maintenance
  • Investment in Products
  • Miss the Styles

If I can find pictures of my loc journey, I’ll post them below.

Hair Journey 3-ANIMATION
















Pros it is! It’s going down! Stay tuned for my next post to see the  results…

bitmoji-20170405014002Beebz ❤


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