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As promised, here’s my extra post to make up for missing last Friday’s. Soooooo…

I did it!! I initially was going to just cut one side to see if I was feeling it but when I started cutting my braids, I somehow began cutting an undercut. At first, I was going to leave it like that but then I started thinking about what I wanted and I wanted to cut my hair so that’s what I did. I already had my locs in braids so I decided to secure them at the base and then cut, so that I could harvest them either for Locks of Love or for myself. Locks for Love doesn’t accept locs so I guess I’ll be saving them just in case I change my mind. (I would have to let my hair grow out enough to start baby locs and then I could sew on the “extensions.”)Related image

Once I cut all of my braids off, I took my clippers out and began cutting my hair with the largest guard that was available which was an 8. I purchased my clippers from Target a couple of days ago. It was about $40 it came with a case, 8 guards, a right and a left tapering guard, 2 combs, 2 clips, the clippers, a trimmer and a couple of other items. I began with the 8 and worked my way down to the 3 and then decided to use a 2 on the sides along with the tampering guards in the back as well as the trimmer to clean up the excess hair. All and all, it was a pretty easy process. Here’s the process…

I really liked that length but I didn’t realize that when I was cutting my locs that I probably should have done it one by one instead of in braids because the base of each loc was coming from different directions and caused my hair to be cut at weird angles. Therefore, I realized I needed to take it lower. So I took it to a 2 all over. I put a little side part in my hair and colored it as well. The color is Clariol Textures and Tones Honey Blonde (pics below). I randomly picked it up from Walmart for about $3 but I didn’t allow it to stay on very long. I like the outcome. I’m not really sure where I’m going from here. I really liked the length in the “Check It Out ” picture so I may let it grow and see how I feel either way, here’s the final product…20170521_074514-ANIMATION

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section…Am I my hair? Should I have cut and colored, just cut or did you like the locs better? I’m curious to know your thoughts…

bitmoji-20170521075524 Beebz❤

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