What are you fighting for?

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I love you guys so much! I just felt led to say that. It’s really hard to explain but I’ve been doing this for several months now and it hasn’t been easy being consistent. I’ve felt like I’ve followed other blogger’s advice to the “T” about how to grow this blog and yet it hasn’t grown as I thought it would. This isn’t a rant but it is me opening my heart to you guys. The amazing thing about it is that I now see that it’s not about numbers for me. I’m so grateful because it’s revealed the deep rooted commitment I have for this. I’m not an overnight success. I’m here for the long run and if no one shows up, I’m here because We, The Peculiars is worth fighting for.

The day before yesterday (Tuesday, May 30th) marked one month I have left of employment. I’m not gonna lie, I’m really surprised how gracefully I’ve handled it. Listen I’m not one to typically pat myself on the back but I’m going to  and I have to because there’s been something trying to come against it but I have to stay on course. Emotions of worry have tried to take the helm. I was even offered $4 less per hour than what I’m currently making. How many of us can afford to make less than what we currently make? The craziest thing of all is that, people I care about have stated that I should be okay with it. “At least it’s something,” they would say. And you may be saying the same thing but for me it was a slap in my face. When I think about how I just got breathing room in my finances, it didn’t sit well with me that God would put me in the position to go backwards in my career and even looking at the career track, I wouldn’t even make what I’m making now until 2 years in. I started to be offended by them too, “So I’m just supposed to take what they assign as my worth and you’re okay with it? Aren’t you supposed to be the one telling me that I’m worth more?”

Now, just shy of 30 days left, I guess I’m  feeling the pressure of taking the plunge but then apart of me is saying, “Take God at His word. He said to trust Him. Are you just settling and trusting what you can see in front of you to make your own way or has God provided this opportunity to slightly meet your needs?” But God doesn’t do anything slight and that’s what has sustained me so why is it wavering now?

We, The Peculiars, since it’s inception has been about following your dreams, not settling, trusting the process and God. I didn’t know at the time that I would be the first person who would partake of the advice but I’m using it to show others the good, bad and ugly of the process. Everyone else that I have seen who has documented taking this leap of faith did it on their terms; they already had a thriving platform(s), they quit their jobs and was able to transition their part time passion into their full time careers. Me, on the other hand, am truly walking out in faith, not saying that they didn’t have to, but I didn’t choose this. It has truly been character building for me. This blog has held me accountable when my natural response was:

*Trivia- What movie was this scene from? (Comment below)

But I refuse to back down. I’m here not by choice but I’d like to think by timing, His timing. I guess I should let you in on my conversation with God because at this point my wanting to let out aggression by kicking the air’s ass wasn’t helping so the conversation went like this…”Lord, let your will be done. I believe in We, The Peculiars but I will apply to other jobs so that you can have something to work with but if it’s a question of my heart’s desire, I choose to have my time back and to finally go after what I know is my purpose. It may not be the full scope of what my life’s work is but I know I’m on to something. But if you decide that I need to continue to work and develop someone else’s vineyard, I will.” Then I would see “messages” like these (below) and think, “God’s got me, I’m going after the dream. It will work out.” And that’s what I’ve maintained until a couple of days ago.

Soooo, at this point, I’m fighting for my life, I’m fighting for my future, my freedom and my worth. I’m determined to achieve excellence by staying the course, by disciplining myself to find the blueprint and following it. At this point, I don’t know what’s going to happen and everything is up in the air, I don’t know where money is going to come from but I choose to find solace and my praise in the interim.

Just in case you weren’t taking notes 😉 I gotchu

…what YOU do now and what YOU decide now, at this age, may well determine which way YOUR life shall go- Martin Luther King Jr.

Will I choose to give in or will I choose to see it as my opportunity to challenge myself to be more? To be honest, I’m already more than what I thought I could be. For years, I wanted to start a blog and I did it! So I’m going to create a blueprint for my life so that I can determine which way I shall go. What about you? Here’s what you need for your life’s blueprint:

Life’s Blueprint

  1. Deep belief in your own dignity, worth and “somebodiness”
    • Always feel that you count, have worth and that your life has ultimate significance
  2. Determination to achieve excellence in your life’s work
    • Set out to do it as if God, himself called you to do it so be the best at it
  3. Commitment of eternal principles of beauty, love and justice
    • We have a responsibility to seek to make life better for everyone…We must get involved! “Learn, baby, learn so we can earn, baby, earn”

KEEP MOVING!!!bitmoji-20170601120816

What’s in your life’s blueprint and is it worth fighting for? Is it worth going against the status quo and against the grain? Is it taking your life in your hands to stretch yourself? Let’s interact! Like this post ,if you do, by hitting the button and let me know what you’re fighting for down in the comments.

bitmoji-20170601120116Beebz ❤


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