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I hope you all are enjoying your week so far. I really liked this outfit and wanted to share it. I got these pants a couple of years ago when I lost a bunch of weight. They are called Jersey Pants. They are really light weight and comfortable, perfect for this 90 degree weather here in the DMV. My favorite feature on them is the pockets and the ability to dress it up or down. I usually pair it with another top but I wasn’t feeling it today. Plus, I got this top the other day and I loved how it looked together. I opted not to wear the predictable black shoe and figured nude would be much more interesting especially, with the tassel. All and all, I think my favorite piece hands down is the top. I really like how girly it is while completely still holding it’s t-shirt qualities. I feel that manufacture’s will usually put a ruffle on something and it completely changes the feel but it’s a legit t-shirt. The longer, wider sleeves as well as the crew neckline help maintain as well.

Also, I’m sure you guys noticed my hair. I said a couple of posts ago that I really wanted to do a color but originally wanted to wait until my birthday, that changed when I realized how busy this weekend is going to be so I decided to do it early. But let’s be real, I needed to make sure that if I messed it up I would have enough time to fix it. I wanted to do Rose Gold and it turned out this kinda Rose Goldy-Neon-Lavendery color. Needless to say, I’m digging it. If you guys are curious about how I achieved the color, I have a post in the works.

As always the details will be listed below.


Outfit Details:

  • Shirt- H&M (recently purchased linked here)
  • Pants- H&M (similar pants linked here)
  • Shoes- Cato

Hope you guys liked my tropical, girly fit! Let me know your thoughts about it and my hair in the comments section. Also, my birthday is on Father’s Day, I’ll be 34. So, if I end up doing anything interesting, I’ll let you know and I hope you guys have a great time celebrating the special men in your lives.

Stay Peculiar,

bitmoji-20170612023207 Beebz ❤


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