Issa Birthday #OOTD

Hey Peculiars  Screenshot_20170410-040021

So I previously wore my original birthday shirt in the OOTD post before this (you can see that here) but I thought this would be a great replacement. In the montage below there’s two outfits: The first was a blue dress that I wore to the Ladies Tea on Saturday and the second was a white top and jeans that I actually wore on my birthday.

20170619_093956-ANIMATIONBrit in a blue dress

Outfit 1:

  • Dress- H&M (no longer available online)
  • Shoes- Asos (no longer available online)
  • Chocker- DSW (birthday gift, linked here)

Outfit 2:

  • Top- Target (Victoria Beckham line, linked here)
  • Jeans- Old Navy (no longer available online)
  • Shoes- DSW (birthday gift, linked here)
  • Jewelry- Alex and Ani bracelets and rings from H&M


My mom wasn’t fond of the blue dress but I loved it as soon as I saw it. I got my shoes a year earlier and had never worn them. So you know when I saw this dress I was super excited especially because it had a similar design on the shoes. As soon as I walked in Target and saw that white top, I knew I had to have it. I’m a sucker for really detailed and different white button ups. This reminded me of origami. I had these jeans for awhile, lost them, really recently found them and paired it on a whim. I didn’t know what shoes to wear and decided to wear the shoes just because it was a birthday present.

If you guys are interested in finding out about my other presents let me know and I’ll put a post together. Late last night I decided to color my hair red. Why, Oh, Why? I looked like a fire engine by the head and ended up shaving it this morning so for now, I’m bald again. I really loved the pink so eventually, you’ll see that again.

*This is not sponsored.

Stay Peculiar,


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