Issa Haul!!!

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Sooo, I’m sure you are wondering by the title,  “How are you doing a haul and your last day of work is Friday?” Well, my nerves got the best of me and I’ve been shopping like crazy…I know, I know, I should be saving but I tried to justify it as a late birthday present; might I add, that Asos was also having a 50% off sale and if I’m not mistaken it’s now up to 70% off. I’m not sure how long it will last but I’ve been wanting several pieces all season and was super excited to get my hands on them. Read more and keep scrolling if you’re interested in checking out what I got.

20170628_020646-ANIMATIONSo while I was out I figured that I should invest in casual clothes such as the cute t-shirt dress that I purchased for $19. The graphic reads “Born Wild 1987.” That’s about 4 years my junior but I think I can pull it off…lol


*Excuse my dirty mirror* So here, I’m showing 2 new pieces the jeans and the dress/top. The jeans had absolutely no stretch once so ever but as jeans do they kinda loosen up as you wear them. I love the shredded bottoms. They also have a button closure which I guess is okay but I think I would’ve preferred a zipper. Either way, I really like them and they were $34.00.

The top/dress was $22.50. It’s Mesh and as you can see almost floor length. There’s an Asian inspired graphic that says “Endless Love” and I really like the athletic look the collar brings and that this item is so versatile. You can dress this up, it can be really sexy and if you don’t mind being kinda flirty, you do a really cute bra top or even possibly go without a bra, if you have some tape to hold you girls in place or even pair it with some biker shorts and go with a more sporty look.


This shirt wasn’t on sale but I was so pressed for it. I’m obsessed with ruffles. (you’ll see what I mean…) This shirt was $29.00 and this was a more toned down version of another shirt you’ll see. To me the ruffle elevates this shirt. What are your thoughts?  I know it might be an acquired taste but it’s totally up my alley.


This shirt is coming up a lemon color but it’s really more chartreuse. I loved the color and the pin tuck detail that added a little more interest. The shirt was a bit longer that I expected and I could actually get away as wearing this as a dress, which was a steal at $17.00.


Fringes, again I know this might be an acquired taste but I liked that it had the ease of a t shirt but with a twist. I’m also really feeling that it carries over to the back of the shirt and the tie dye, lavender, cloud like effect it has. This shirt was $35.00.


Okay, I know this is a lot to take in but I love it. Yep, issa tutu across my chest but I feel like I can pull it off. This shirt was $20.00 and honestly one of the reasons why I did the order in the first place. I really am feeling it. Would you wear it? Is it completely hideous? What should I pair with it? Let me know in the comments.


Last but not least, I couldn’t pass this up this dress at $28.00. It matches my hair first of all, it’s ombre and the fringes elevate it.  It’s comfy and thick enough so that it’s not see through. I legit could wear this all year long in every color. The sweetheart neckline adds a feminine touch to an already cool dress.

Hope you guys liked my peculiar haul. I’m transforming myself and that includes my wardrobe, so I’ve decided that I’m only purchasing and keeping items that I’m really in love with. I seriously have a huge lawn bag full of items that I’ve held on to over the years. Let me know if you guys like the hauls; I have a couple more packages on the way 😉

Stay Peculiar,

bitmoji-20170612023207 Beebz ❤

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