This is my HUNDREDTH post!!!

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OMG!!! The day my full time job ends, I hit 100 posts and nearly a 100 on Instagram!! I’m so grateful to be in this place. It’s so fitting to hit this monumental achievement when another one ends. As God closes one chapter, He literally opens another.

Over the 11 years I’ve been here I’ve constantly had people come into my cubicle and say the same thing over and over, “Why are you here? You are too creative to be here. I can tell by how you present yourself and now that I’m in your cubicle it’s obvious you need to be doing something else.” You guys know my story, I always knew I was creative but didn’t know how to express it. What I’m learning is that we’ve all been tasked to be Creators. We were created in our Creator’s image; therefore, we must create. You wanna know your purpose? Create!

I’ve created 100 entries. I AM a CREATOR!!! I give God credit but I also credit myself for having the tenacity, being consistent and truly believing in what I’m writing by living it.

So what have I learned? I’ve learned to show up when no one else does. Immaturity says “I shouldn’t waste my time, I want instant gratification.” Maturity says “I’m coming no matter what! This material is worthy of being shared, it will help someone. I just have to show up because at the right time it will be life changing to someone and I have a responsibility to impact lives.” I’m mature and I have the authority to do this. YOU CAN CREATE, YOUR LIFE!! You are the sum total of what you have said in the past. What you believe, you think…you speak from those issues because they are coming from your heart and what you speak creates because that is the transportation that God instituted for creation. God spoke and it was. We are created to be just like Him and our words create our lives.

So what have you created? Are you pleased with your progress? I challenge you to list what you want to see happen in your life and speak those things for a month and let me know if anything has changed or go even further and begin to do things that position you receive what you are speaking and let me know the progress.

Stay Peculiar,

bitmoji-20170612023207  Beebz ❤


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