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Soooo…I’ve been going through. As you may know, my job ended on Friday. The only reason why I’m sharing this is because I want to be transparent. I want you to see exactly what I went through (because I’m going to get through this) so if you do decide to go after your dreams you’ll know what you may be getting into.

Friday around 8pm I left my job and drove from Virginia to Southern Maryland, about an hour drive. I knew Saturday was gonna be crazy busy. I preceded to join my friend, Jen as I typically do on Friday night for Shabbat. On Saturday, I went to a monthly meeting from 11-5, went home to pack some clothes, went to a Housewarming party, then to my Mom’s house to change my clothes for my Aunt’s 50th all white birthday party. Busy right? The point is my gas tank was empty at the end of it all. So I decided to get gas on my way to church. I got the gas and got back in the car but my car didn’t start.

Not even a week later after my job ends and my car malfunctions? Are you serious? Yep, that’s exactly what happened. So what do you do when your purpose is to encourage people to see past their 9 to 5’s and push toward their goals but your life is falling apart in the process? The answer is…you get a bull horn and go harder. You dig your heels in and expose it. You want greatness? Then there’s a price to be paid.

This week I kept hearing a word. At the time I thought it was for a friend but I now realize it was for me, “God isn’t testing you, He is testing your faith.” If I have faith to move mountains, He’s gonna test it to see how much faith I have and if I really am committed to the mission. This is scary, I’m not even gonna fake. Especially, with yesterday being independence day and not feeling very independent but I know what God has said about me and I can’t go back now. I’m more determined now than before to never be here again…so there you have it.

If you have any advice, please leave it in the comments section and like this post. I’ll see you guys soon.

Stay Peculiar,

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