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What’s up? How was your weekend? Mine was relaxing. I spent all Saturday in the house and did some light cleaning. Sunday, I actually started working out again and then I got ready for church. Service was great. The message was about reconciliation and we did an exercise where we listed people on crowns and actually placed them back on the body of Christ. We even made a vow to pray and stand with those we listed. So that was really cool.

Fast forward to this morning, I came outside to go to work and get in car and the car is leaning… flat tire. I’m so grateful to have been working on myself because I didn’t freak out. I thanked God because I was close to a repair shop. So I put on my hazard lights and went on. Ryan, a good Samaritan stopped and pumped up my tire enough to get me there safely. I got in and out in about an hour. To be honest, I knew I needed to replace the front two tires and get an oil change anyway so I did that and was on my way. I know all that has nothing to do with my outfit of the day but just thought I’d share what’s been going on with me. Also, I found two new app that I downloaded yesterday. I wanted to get more into affirmations so I downloaded My Affirmations and Headspace. Headspace came at the recommendation of Shameless Maya. It’s a meditation app that leads you into it. I’m on day 2 of 10 of the basics program and it basically helps with calming you and helping you to focus on taking the time to breathe and focus. On to the outfit….


It’s been a minute since I’ve done an outfit of the day. I’ve been doing a lot of rethinking of my wardrobe and I’ve really been wanting to purchase pieces that had impact, so the top was perfect.

  • Top- Target (Asos, linked here)
  • Jeans- Dark Blue skinny jeans
  • Shoes- Diesel

I hope you guys liked it. I know it’s kinda basic but I didn’t want to do too much because I was going to work and the top speaks for itself.

How would you have reworked it?

P.S. The pink hair will be back. I just wanted to try the blonde before I put the color over it. It’s cool but I think it could use a toner over it to really rock it. What do you think? Pink or Blonde?

bitmoji-20170612023207 Beebz ❤

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