Hey, you guys  Screenshot_20170410-040021

What’s up, homeboys and homegirls of the world? How have you been? You know what today is. It’s time for an #OOTD.



  • Top- IDK
  • Jeans- Target (Ava & Viv)
  • Kimono- Target
  • Purse- Zara
  • Shoes- TJ Maxx

I really liked this fit. I wore it last Friday and am seeing my style take a turn. At one point, I would only wear studs but now I’m really digging the hoops. My mom got them for me for my birthday and I think they are the perfect size not too big or small. The jeans were a newer purchase. They are slim, stretch, cropped jean with a little distressing. The purse, I’ve had for a minute at least a couple of months ago when Zara had a crazy sale. I believe it was only like $15. The shoes and kimono was purchased last summer. I’m really loving the fact that the back of the kimono is shorter. I’ve previously experienced issues where stepped and even tripped over the longer ones. Anyway, I hope you like it and let me know what you think of the blonde hair. I like it but I still kinda miss the pink. I’m also thinking about growing my hair out a bit, at least on the top.

bitmoji-20170612023207  Beebz ❤

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