OOTD Week!! (Wednesday Edition)

What it do, Peculiars

I hope you guys are just as excited as I am for this Wednesday edition of…dun, dun, dun…My week of OOTDs. We’re gonna do something different today. Actually, it’s opposite of yesterday. Today’s item of choice will be a pop of color.

As in previous days, I will give you two options. Let me know which one you prefer or think I decided to wear for the day and I’ll post whether you were right or not on Instragram (wethepeculiars).

Here’s the item of the day:

I got the skirt from H&M at the end of last summer and I feel like it’s a great transition piece, from Summer to Fall. The color is interesting because it’s not mustard; it has a reddish-orangish quality to it and reminds me of the yellowed colored leaves as they begin to turn colors. It was about $60. I honestly thought it was kinda steep but I had to have it. It comes with operable buttons and pockets

Option #1:

I paired the skirt with this adorable bulldog print which I also purchased from H&M. The collared, cropped, button down was $17.99. I’m totally a sucker for interesting prints and this is no different. It’s absolutely one of the most quirky tops I own and yes, you read that right it is a cropped top; it barely tucked into the skirt. So if you wanna completely different look with your tummy out, you have that option as well. I think the skirt pairs beautifully with it.

In yesterday’s post, I told you guys about my heel issue. Well, these are chunky so they get a pass. They are super comfortable too. I got them from Asos for about $30. They were also a purchase from last season and look super cute.

Option #2:

This option is definitely the more casual of the two but I really like it. All of my turbans typically come from Trendy Turban and this is no different. I used the turban to add interest, to compliment, not take over for the star of the show which of course was the skirt. The turban was either $25 or $30. The white shirt was just a regular Haines V-necked tee paired with my black and white Vans that I ordered from Asos. I found the Vans at DSW as well, in case you were curious.

Anyway, let me know which option you would’ve worn and I’ll see you tomorrow for Thursday’s edition. Also don’t forget to check out Instagram to see what I chose for today’s fit.

bitmoji-20170728093715Beebz ❤

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