OOTD Week!! (Thursday Edition)

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I have an interesting one today. This outfit may not be everyone’s jam but it’s absolutely mine. On today’s edition of…dun, dun, dun…my week of OOTDs, we have a show stopping top with jeans. How do you style a unique piece and not allow the rest of your outfit to be boring? Click the ‘Read More’ button to find out.

Here’s the item of the day:


I know, I know…get into this top! I describe it as a grey muscle tee with a twist. Typically, I wouldn’t wear muscle shirts because I have the arm insecurity but I’m working on that. So this was a way to help me conquer that without being completely “out there.”  How many of us fashion lovers have put aside their insecurities at some point or another to wear a completely sickening outfit? I know I have and also because we can’t let stuff like an insecurity stop our shine.

The twist, of this otherwise boring muscle shirt, is four layers of glorious denim and lace. I purchased this from Asos for about $40. I know it sounds expensive but sometimes you have to pay for unique pieces. I had my eye on this for so long waiting on a sale and when it was sold out I was completely heartbroken. I believe I willed it to me because somehow I stumbled across it again and knew I had to grab it up.

The jeans (not pictured here, see below) are from (you guessed it) Ava & Viv from Target, see here. They were about $35. Target is currently having a buy one, get one 50% off sale; so hop on it. I don’t know how long it’s going to last but it’s a great deal. I highly recommend this brand. I now have 3 pairs of Ava & Viv jeans. They fit great and have cool designs. Now you know, for us curvy folk, manufactures don’t usually offer cool designs and if they do, the crotch is super long and ill fitting; these don’t have that issue. Please note, the distressing is patched to show no skin which I can also appreciate.

Option #1:


I purchased these shoes this past weekend from TJ Maxx for $40. I really wanted shoes that were really chill but looked nice; something that didn’t look like house shoes but felt like them. These fit the bill! I’m obsessed with the bow trend on shoes and they are super comfy and convenient, not fussy at all. Speaking of the bow, if you have larger feet and want to try mules, consider a pair with an embellishment such as a bow to distract the eye. My feet are flat and wide and the bow adds enough visual interest that I don’t feel self conscious about whether the shoes look like lumpy torpedoes. LOL

My only gripe, is the espadrille effect on the sole. Initially, I liked it because I thought it was a great transition piece; the sole being a nod to the summer and the leather launching me into fall, but as I’ve begun to wear them, they don’t look as fresh and may eventually begin to show signs of wear. I’m also concerned about how they might react to rain. They would honestly be perfect if the sole were made of a more sturdy material. Now, I’m wondering if it would be worth it to take to my shoe guy to upgrade. I’ll let you know if I decide to “reupholster” my shoes.

Option #2:


Y’all thought I was excited about this top, get into these shoes. My God in Heaven, they are beautiful! These shoes give me a naughty and nice vibe with a bit or rock and roll. They are a pair of faux patent leather brogues with a beautiful brooch set in the middle of the toe, standard black strings and a mirrored strip around the sole to add a dash of cool. So, of course, these amazing shoes are from Asos. They were $72. I know that might be a lot for some but you get what you pay for and I couldn’t let them go out of stock and I not have a pair. They are super comfortable. Check them out here. They also carry a Rose Gold option. Before receiving the shoes, I probably wouldn’t have considered the Rose Gold option because I thought it was too much but after experiencing how comfortable these are, I would definitely consider it. See them here.


So the question is which option did I decide to wear today? Which pair of shoes did you like most? Was it the ease of the shoes in Option #1 or the unique flare of Option #2? Let me know in the comments and head over to Instagram around 3 pm to see what I decided to wear today. See you tomorrow to complete…dun, dun, dun…my week of OOTDs.

bitmoji-20170728093715 Beebz ❤


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