Quiet Brilliance…

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Lately I’ve been looking for words to explain what I would like to happen in my part of the internet. I knew in my heart that it was multifaceted but I felt the need to justify mixing OOTD posts with Affirmations, Book Reviews and etc. So I dubbed We, The Peculiars as a motivational, lifestyle blog with a biblical twist which was cute but I already had a tagline…Different by Design.

I then stumbled on this brilliant post by IWannaBeALady, here on WordPress, and she captured everything I’ve been feeling by so eloquently using art as the means to do so, which is probably why it spoke volumes to me. Click the link and Enjoy!

Around 500 years ago, the god among men, Leonardo Da Vinci, painted the Mona Lisa. It’s a work of artistic brilliance. Brushstrokes disappear. Anatomical features are detailed with striking accuracy. Da Vinci blurs the background and gives Lisa the spotlight. She is close up and face-to-face. Light and shadow playing around her. This painting raised […]

via What the Mona Lisa Can Teach Us About Life — I w a n n a b e a l a d y

 Beebz ❤

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