#BlogElul: Elul 7-Understand

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Today we are talking about understanding. I couldn’t do it without post adding Xscape’s song Understanding. I know it’s corny but you already know how I roll; Imma complete and utter cornball.

Anyway, I am beginning to understand that there’s times when I won’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t have understanding about any or everything…it’s a time of faith. God is God. He is not like man. I cannot fathom what Almighty God can and I have to not only be okay with that but I have to rest in that. Revelation will come from it, in due time, only if I go through it. Not go a little, get scared, turn and leave the way I came, then ask God to bless it. Only if I go through, will I come out victorious and to “go through” means there will be times I won’t see.

Am I willing to be vulnerable enough to endure those times of blindness for tremendous insight? I think so. You never really know what you’re made of until you go through. The valley experience is what really creates character and shows you just how resilient you are. Everyone sees the glory but they won’t know your story until you share it.

It’s funny but that’s why I’m here. I didn’t want everyone to see the glo up of We, The Peculiars and be just another successful person. Crazy right? I didn’t wanna say “You can do it if I did it” and not leave breadcrumbs that you could follow to lead to your success as well. This is how I evangelize. I didn’t wanna paint this path with ease and roses. I wanted to show you that it can be beautiful, if you work to make it beautiful but even that takes hard work and dedication.

There’s days you will want to give up and pay it all with the dust from your shoes and there’s other days when you feel empowered and have great ideas and feel like world domination is next. There’s days when you feel like a complete failure. There’s days when you feel like a boss and in between those polar opposites, a lot of that is filled with not knowing what to do next. That part is usually filled with not understanding but trusting your gut and God. Through experience, I’ve found that’s the safest place though. It’s the place where you literally throw your hands up and say “I didn’t choose this. You created me for this and I’m grateful but I’m choosing to be obedient, not my will but yours. If it was up to me, I would be doing something else. I can’t do this by myself. I need you, Lord.” Then there’s an overwhelming sense of peace that floods your perspective; as if your will was what was holding you back all along. Its almost like a miracle takes place, when you allow Him to take the wheel. No one else has to understand it because you barely do. You’re just grateful that you know, that you know that He’s there and that you and Him are the majority. Thank God for that. It keeps me going…past my understanding and everyone else’s. I might not always understand what’s in His hand, but I know His heart. #blogelul #elulgram

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