#BlogElul: Elul 9-See

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I apologize for missing my posting for the last couple of days. Today is my make up day and I’ve decided to lock myself in the house to play catch up. I had to attend a mandatory meeting for job preparation on Thursday and Friday was crazy at work. The day before a holiday weekend is always either mad chill or crazy hectic, this was definitely the latter.

This week has been full of great experiences which has kept me super busy. I have to tell you guys about that in another post because I really need to stay on topic. Thursday’s word was…See. For such a little word it has such a huge impact. Seeing isn’t always sight. I should probably should repeat that for our friends in the back…seeing isn’t always sight. Seeing is perception and perception can be a very dangerous thing in the hands of a selfish or hurt person.

You know me and my definitions…














Therefore, ‘See’ means a state or process of becoming aware of something visually or to deduce mentally after reflection of information. Wow, that’s super deep. What or who are we reflecting? Did you know that the light of the moon is not it’s own? The moon actually reflects its light from the sun. There’s an intimacy there. In many religions, the sun is pictured as a man and the moon as a woman. I guess I can see that. The woman is a reflection of her man. The sun is dominate. She looks over things. The woman’s monthly cycle renews like the moon. I could probably find other similarities but for the sake of the task at hand, I’ll move to my point which is this…the church is known as a woman, she should be reflecting the Son…how she is viewed in deed and in word; this is why the church are known as Christians because we are to be followers of Christ…His reflection on the Earth.

Obviously, our sight is another gate to your heart and ultimately your mind that has to be protected. During the month of Elul, we see the King physically in the field but through insight we feel loved because of His efforts of which a King isn’t obligated. Through this act of going out of His way for us, we perceive mercy, grace and kindness but are we reflecting it to the World who desperately needs it?

I hope you guys are having an amazing Saturday and I’ll talk to you in a few.

bitmoji-20170612023207 Beebz ❤


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