#BlogElul: Elul 12-Count

Peculiars Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

I hope you guys had a great weekend!! So of course, imma go with count your blessings. We all get caught up and need a reality check to keep what’s really important in perspective. 


I truly live by the mantra of looking at the glass half full. Any other way creates deficit in our mind. Any void, any deficit is an opening for negativity. So when you feel removed or lacking don’t count sheep, count your blessings for they will surely outweigh the wrong. If you wanna be advanced in this my suggestion would be to practice seeing the less satisfying events of life as a lesson to benefit you so that everything really does work together for your ultimate good…either it’s an amazing occurrence or it’s a lesson. Let me know your perspective on life. Do you count your blessings? If you do, do you write them out or do you say them out loud? What’s your method of reminding yourself about your bestowed greatness?

 Beebz ❤


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