Mexico Vacay: Part II

Hey Y’all, What it do Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

So here’s Part 2 of my trip. Our first destination was Cozumel, Mexico. We had an opportunity to go to a resort called the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort which was all inclusive. Guys, it looked like a post card! Really pretty. If you guys are interested I made a short movie

During the time at sea, we talked about the NOW moment. I’ve definitely heard it mentioned before but it wasn’t until I paid attention did I realize how much my conversation was geared to either the future or the past. I only speaking in present tense and it’s truly taxing. I’m assuming it’s because our brain wants to make connections; maybe it’s programming, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that more than likely my conversations will continue as they are now. However, what it did effectively teach me was to breathe, take some time to look around and appreciate what’s in front of me. What I’m finding is that goals are great and even necessary but I’m reminded to not put so much pressure on the future in the present. What can I appreciate now? I mean right now, not in terms of “what’s next” but at this very moment, What am I grateful for?

  1. I’m grateful to be at work and still able to post-I mentioned yesterday that my computer screen cracked and I’m sooooo grateful that I had insurance on it. I wasn’t sure if I had since technology changes so fast, I assumed that I might not have opted into the program.
  2. I’m grateful for self awareness-the ability to stop myself and ask myself “What is good in this moment?” has been great for me as it causes me to focus on things I may typically take for granted.
  3. I am grateful for my creativity-I just caught a glance of myself in the mirror to see my new haircut. While on vacation I had light pink hair which was pretty much stripped by the time I got home. As soon as I got home I grabbed some color and thought it would be just as light, if not lighter, it wasn’t…it was as bright as a highlighter and I rocked it for a couple of days. Last night, I had the idea to cut it and that’s exactly what I did.
  4. I’m grateful for new found confidence/boldness-I didn’t plan on adding this but I had to because when I became intentional about living in the NOW moment, I realized that some of my insecurities had to die and others had to be worked on. I didn’t like wearing my arms out because I had stretch marks on them. For years, I would cover them even on the hottest of days but I purposely wore my arms out for the Captain’s Dinner and it was great. No one was pointing and laughing and I’m pleased to report I didn’t die. It felt really good to challenge myself and win. Even right now, in this moment, looking at my hair and being willing to wear it low even though I was told that I looked like someone could mistake my for a homosexual  the last time I cut my hair low and me being bold enough to rock it again, is huge for me. *No one, no haircut or piece of clothing can determine your sexuality; that’s your choice. Don’t allow someone else’s thoughts dictate how you live your life.

Hope you enjoyed Cozumel though my eyes. I have two more parts coming up so stay tuned if you’re interested in seeing the whole trip. Once I’m finished with the trip updates I’ll finish out the Elul challenge even though it’s Tishrei. I said I would so I am.


 Beebz ❤

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