Mexico Vacay: Part III

Hello Again Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

How are you guys? I’m great!  I’ve been moving non-stop since I got back but it’s a good thing. I have a couple of OOTD post coming up. My style has changed a lot lately so we’ll have a lot to talk about. I’m even thinking about doing a wishlist post but let me know your thoughts on that…

Anyway, let’s get into this post. So we’re pretty much on the second half of the trip now. For the second leg, we went to Progreso (Yucatan). I was supposed to post this yesterday but the video wasn’t uploading. Hopefully, it’s working but just in case it’s not, here’s a link. Enjoy!

I had so much fun in Progreso. We ended up going on a tour for only $25 and we got to see flamingos! They weren’t super close but I was so excited. I didn’t even know that it would be an option. We also got to see the Mayan ruins and learn about their early export, sea salt. It was very interesting but I was in awe of the history and the beauty of the trees and flowers.

Unfortunately, as we were returning to the boat we were informed that another earthquake hit Mexico City, the first of which happened a week before. The earthquake registered in at 7.1 magnitude and over  200 people lost their lives. I’m sending positive energy to that area and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who were affected as they try to make sense of all that is going on in the world. I’d hate to leave off on such a solemn note so I’ll say…make the best out of today. We constantly hear how tomorrow isn’t promised but we still tend to take it for granted. Please let this be this be the alarm you need to live your best life now while you still can.


 Beebz ❤

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