#Blog Elul: Elul 22-End

Hey, hey, hey

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. As promised, I’m finishing out the Elul #BlogElul challenge even though we are well into Tishrei, started a new year (5778) and Yom Kippur just passed, I’m determined to finish what I started so here we go.

Today’s word is End. My first thought was to talk about ending excuses and go for what we want but I’ve said that 500 times. Although one more time couldn’t hurt, I’m gonna skip that and talk about the connotation of it. I perceive it as a benchmarking used for measuring with a typically negative tone. If I had to think of a synonym it would be cease; which sounds very abrupt. I don’t necessarily think of cease as being negative but for whatever reason, to end does seem slightly negative to me.

I know that sounds crazy but if you really think about it, there are good endings but you typically don’t hear about them unless it’s distinctly noted that it’s a happy ending. Otherwise, it’s just an ending which feels like loss; for instance an ending of a relationship. That relationship could have an amicable ending but there’s still a sense of loss as something that was and now, no longer is.

What are your thoughts on the word End? Do you see it as a negative or positive? Do you prefer endings or beginnings? Has there been a time when you had a positive or a negative ending? Share below.

 Beebz ❤

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