I Need, Naw…, I Must, Absolutely

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I missed you soooooo much! How are you doing? So today, I want to talk about motivation. So as always let’s define this and get into it. It’s the general act of desiring or willingness of someone to do something. The reason(s) one has to act or behave a particular way. That second definition definitely made me think of the motive behind something and now that I’m typing it out I see that motive is in motivation, literally but when defined, its pretty much the same definition; the reason for someone to do something especially  hidden, not obvious.

Of course this got me to thinking…Why wouldn’t your reason for doing something be hidden? Especially when I always hear people say that they need motivation which brings up so many ideas. Is it because it means to be hidden that most people who say they need it can’t typically find it?

Image result for life and death in the power of the tongue I was hanging out with my mom yesterday and we were talking and I got a little belligerent with her. We had just come back from visiting one of my mom’s oldest friends who recently was diagnosed with cancer and my mom kept saying things that rubbed my soul the wrong way. She kept saying that she was sick and stuff like “Poor Angie.” I tried correcting her letting her know that she didn’t need people to feel sorry for her, she needed people to uplift her and give her a reason to fight. Then we started talking about our own lives and she mentioned that she needed motivation and that was it. I literally couldn’t take it anymore. I told her that she has to stop with making these declarations. You want something, you do it…end of discussion. “You want Aunt Angie to get well, speak life. You want your finances to get well, speak life, downgrade. You wanna clean up the house, let’s clean…stop talking about it and be.”

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I think it was the “needing to get motivation” talk that sent me over the edge because needing never caused things to happen. I can need a nap but until I take it, I’m gonna forever need a nap. Now when I take it, I may be taking time from something else but my need is fulfilled in the action I took…not asking permission but taking what I needed. We’ve put so much weight on needing something but not enough in the taking what you need because we were taught that taking is wrong. It’s crazy how polite we really are even though it’s not reflective in the generation or perhaps it is. The nice, sweet people are the most broke people alive. Generation after generation, sweet as all outdoors but struggling to keep their heads above water to stay afloat. Later for that. It’s time to break the chains! Our manners have kept us in bondage long enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying be rude or stepping on others to get to the top. I’m simply saying, that we must watch our words, they are killing our futures when we don’t and there’s no harm in asking as long as you know when you need to take authority to take what you need. To make a statement to someone else about needing anything is like as permission to do it, just do it. You can make good decisions on your own. You don’t have to run everything by others to make moves. You are equipped.

If you’re living in Hell, it’s because you haven’t spoken to Heaven. -Ms.Sylvia

Honestly, you would think that a need is something that would inspire action and I think it was at one point. Plato even said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” What happened to that spirit? Where are the inventions? I hear a lot of what people need but when and what are we gonna do about it? Need simply does nothing to drive people anymore. It’s now reduced to popular banter to make conversation.

Maybe it would help if we listed our needs since it seems as though we can easily define those and then go through each making a plan of execution. For example, I need to begin exercising again. My plan of execution would begin with when do I plan to do it? In the mornings before work or in the afternoons when I get home? What will I do and for how long? The plan should also take into account if there may likely to be changes that you occur and what could be done to avoid them, such as weather or walking the dog. What happens if I choose mornings and oversleep? How is it mitigated so that I can stay consistent? These are all questions that need to be asked and responses that need to be considered. Another thing is we can’t allow this to drag on because it’ll just be added to why we can’t do what we say we “need” to do.

Motivation says “I need to” but action says “I must.”-Beebz

What methods do you use to push you to take action on goals? Have you “needed” to do things and it pushed you or was it easy to overlook? How do you recover from failing to handle your needs?

Please if you have any advice, note it below. I’d really appreciate interacting with you as I’m sure it will be invaluable to myself, my mom and anyone else reading this blog.

 Beebz ❤

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