Rebellious Love

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These days we somewhat glorify rebellion and I get it. No one likes evil dictators but we love going against them. Any conflict makes for great material for a crossover. But more than that, there’s something interesting about opposition…the age old, good against evil. Okay, we don’t somewhat glorify it…we definitely glorify it, but to our defense we grew up on it.

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What would our fairytales be without the Evil Queen or the stepmom from hell locking the most loving, selfless person in the whole world in a dungeon? What would it be without loyal animal friends, fairy god moms and a handsome prince coming to her rescue? Boooring, but it was anything but that.

Against her step mother’s wishes, Cinderella had her animal friends make her dress for the ball and when her haters saw it, they were shook so they ripped it to shreds. Oh, but when shorty (Cinderella, that is) showed up at the ball looking like a 10, all was right in our world. That rebellion was everything worth fighting for because good had prevailed over evil.

cinderella GIFWe wanted to believe that our favorite Disney princesses were kind, loving and blameless because it intensified our hate for the villains and that’s what we wanted subconsciously. Even as kids we wanted a reason to justify hating the villains as much as we did because it was the right thing to do, or so we thought. (I’m not a parent yet but I’m seriously rethinking if Disney is for kids) Even as kids, we liked that main characters were cruelty free (animal friends joke) and needing to be defended so we did that by hating their haters. If you think about it we were the heros because we were so invested. Prince Charming, who? He was our stand in, our representative. Let’s be honest, we bought into her story and we were happy that their feet didn’t fit the glass slipper.
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Even in the Lion King, Simba was cool but I wanted Scar to be dealt with. I can remember being in the theater cheering when the hyenas took Scar down. I mean a legit cheering outburst. In fact, the whole theater clapped. I don’t think anyone cared about whether Simba and Nala could live peacefully with their new baby as much as we caredscar GIF about Scar paying for Mufasa’s death and lying to the rest of the kingdom about Simba.

I know you’re clutching your pearls right now. Disney didn’t make us evil. It just plays on our emotions subconsciously and through it I found that it helped us to justify rebellion even as a kid. How could I say that, right? I’m not saying that the step mom should’ve locked Cinderella in the dungeon. I’m saying because she did we wanted her and her brats to pay. We wanted justice for Mufasa and was happy that the hyenas got to do it since he was nasty to them too. We simply wouldn’t have been invested if it wasn’t for the opposition. lucifer GIFCinderella would’ve just been a nice maid who lost her father if it wasn’t for her stepsisters and Simba would’ve just been chilling with Nala in the elephant cemetery if it wasn’t for Scar.

We soon became adults who cheered on other forms of rebellion. Image result for rihanna rebelle fleur tattoo means?Most of us love Rihanna, and this is no shade at all, but she has a very visible tattoo that says “rebelle fleur” on her neck which is French and means rebel flower and as far as her career, she was doing well but she really didn’t blow up until she made a crossover album called “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Therefore, she literally launched into superstardom when she rebelled against her previous good girl image.

Now, anything goes, we mix the hate (rebellion) with the love and we accept it all because we trick ourselves into thinking it’s about balance but what we were really doing is feeding our need to engage the hate by justifying the engagement with the love. It’s come to a point where we like rebelling so much that I’m not sure if it’s always against evil. Now, rebelling itself is popular. You no longer need evil to do it, so much so that people seem to rebel against anything. It’s the norm and we’ve used whatever necessary to justify it because we really don’t have to justify it with social media. So who’s rebelling against this “new norm?”

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. -Matthew 5:38-42

In the new norm, it’s absolutely an eye for an eye but more than that it can be an eye for nothing at all. We have a voice, now thanks to social media, and everyone uses it whether it’s against social injustices, how someone raises their child or how they spend their money, etc. This can be great at times. I personally love to hear a variety of viewpoints. However, with our new found freedom, came the freedom of everyone and anyone to say whatever they wanted whether warranted or not, I’ve found that many are using their voices to spew hate, all in the name of being the devil’s advocate or just to be nasty.

Evildoers foster rebellion against God; the messenger of death will be sent against them. -Proverbs 17:11

People enjoy talking about what they hate but rarely do we talk about what we love anymore. Besides money, cars, clothes, weed, b!%@&#s oh, and the newest rage, being an entrepreneur what do we love anymore? I’m an avid Youtube watcher and I see how some of the Content Creator’s comments sections are filled with hate, people rebelling against what they watch on their channel and they will excuse it by saying “it comes with the territory when you make your life public.” In an effort to keep things organic, I think some leave the nasty comments while other’s block hand is real strong. My thought is if you don’t like watching or reading what I have to say, exit out. There’s nothing wrong with respectfully not agreeing but some comments are downright rude and it seems like we love to tear each other down. I’m not an advocate of being a doormat. I don’t believe that was what Jesus advocated in Matthew 5. I believe that Jesus was simply saying that vengeance is His. In fact He states this clearly in Romans 12:19 but just because payback is His, doesn’t mean you have to keep running back to get mistreated either which is why the block button was created in the first place.

These days I’m choosing not to focus on hate.  I don’t have haters. I find that it’s so easy to get caught up in negativity when you focus on it. I see all negativity as a distraction. Anytime there’s a lot of negativity coming at me, I lift myself out of that viewpoint by recognizing that I must be on the right path so whatever I was doing, I just intensify it, not the distraction. This takes practice and I’m still a work in progress. Distractions are like people if you don’t feed it, they will go away. At the present moment, I am in love with love and there’s been soooo much negativity because of my stance. I won’t deny it but it’s created more opportunity for me to show love. This is how I rebel against the “new norm.” How do you?

I know today’s post was lengthy so if you made it to the end, give it a like and/or comment and subscribe. Love you all bunches, see you tomorrow.

 Beebz ❤

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