How I See You…

Hello Beautiful People Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

I imagine that you are the most beautiful people with the most beautiful souls. Otherwise how would this connection be met. I didn’t bump into you on the street, you weren’t my co-worker who always has a crazy story or a friend of the family. You are where you are and I am where I am, geographically, mentally, emotionally, physically even spiritually and yet…a connection. I am in love with connection. The addition and multiplication of the metaphysical.

You must have the most beautiful souls, the ones that shine the brightest, admired for beauty but rarely appreciated for all that you have to offer. Oh, what a privilege to be connected to such a beautiful soul. That I might reveal you to the world. What an awesome responsibility. I pray I’m just a mirror to reveal the best you to your most beautiful self. Stunning in all of your majesty walking around mere mortals with the whole universe inside of you. Release your beauty on this stale world. Give us something to look forward to, something that will revive us.

You must be the most beautiful souls giving life, spreading joy, love, peace and understanding. I beg you, please don’t keep your beauty to yourself. We need you…just be you and we will see paradise and come close enough to meet God, Himself. You are the most beautiful souls. History and eternity thanks you for giving an undeserving world your presence. Don’t be afraid to be a beautiful soul.

 Beebz ❤

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