Here To Stay or Gone Astray…

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So, as I’m preparing for the Part 1 review of The Love Warrior, I figured I’d give you another installment of Here To Stay or Gone Astray. If you are unfamiliar with this series, I’m taking a trend, discussing it and asking you if you think it will stand the test of time, going from a trend to a classic while giving my two cents, of course. Can you guess the trend?


Image result for 2017 red in fashionImage result for 2017 red in fashionImage result for 2017 red in fashionfashion trend fall winter 2017 2018 redFendi AW17Related image

Red is a color that inspires love, passion and seduction. You literally feel the heat radiating off the garments so it’s great that it’s a winter trend. It’s also really intriguing and full of mystery. You wanna know who has the audacity to walk out the house dripping in it. This isn’t a trend for the faint of heart. You have to exude confidence, be daring and sexy. This isn’t for the girl that needs approval or seeks attention. The girl who wears this commands attention. What I love about the trend is that it can absolutely be worn head to toe or as separates.

How I Plan On Incorporating

Tracee Ellis Ross for JCP Bliss Robe JacketThis duster is from JC Penney’s collaboration with my personal style icon, Tracee Ellis Ross. It definitely gives off bathrobe vibes but looks like the perfect finisher to any outfit and a beautiful pop of color at $59.

I can see it over a pair of destruction jeans and a simple long sleeved white tee with either a graphic shoe or purse…maybe leopard and a cool, geometrical earring.




The other way I would like to incorporate the trend is through footwear. The ones posted in the picture are from River Island. These are ideal because they are leather with a block heel which is needed for colder and potential wetter weather. The wider heel to assist in leverage. Unfortunately, they are currently sold out in my size at $160.





Related imageThe final way I’d like to incorporate the trend would be through suiting. I haven’t found a suit that I love though. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to wear them all together but each are gorgeous in it’s own right.

I really like this trend. Red is a beautiful color for the bold and the beautiful. I like that everyone won’t be wearing it and there’s a confidence and vibrant energy that comes with it. What do you guys think of this trend? Here to Stay or Gone Astray?

Until next time, also, if you have any trends you’d like to see please let me know in the comments box and I’ll be sure to feature it.


 Beebz ❤


*I don’t own any of the rights to any pictures used above.



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