What I Did With My Saturday

Hey You Guyssss Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

So here’s another edition of #WIDWMS. The last time we talked I told you that I was taking my mom to Baltimore to see Janet Jackson. This came about because I was on the phone with Sabrina one day just talking like we snapchat-1514075912448106055.jpgusually do about random things and I was telling her how I really wanted to do something great for my mom for her birthday. So she was asking me what I had in mind and I just randomly mentioned that we heard that Janet was coming to town on the radio and she was saying how much she wanted to go. We heard it on the radio a second time we were together and we said that we would look into it but because of finances realized it wasn’t possible.

So I was telling Sabrina how dope it would be if I could pull it off. Sabrina got really quiet and little did I know she began pulling up dates on the Ticketmaster site. I decided that I would rather go to the Saturday show so that I could make a big deal out of the whole weekend and before I knew it, the tickets were purchased and we began looking for hotels. She recommended that we stay in a hotel so that we would have to fight traffic and I was down. We ended up booking the Radisson and bang, boom, pow…it was done. I just had to hold the secret for like a month. Several times I almost slipped up but didn’t.

She decided she wanted to go to Bonefish Grill on the day of her birthday and my brother must have had an off day because he began acting out. He was banging on the table and knocked soda into my mom’s purse and was just overall disruptive. I was a 20171119_0025391266272711.jpglittle disappointed but I knew that that was a set up to make my weekend even better.

I bought get her the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume and decided to put my bags in the trunk and attach balloons to the Sephora bag. Isnapchat-1540839705934785929.jpg would have her get my bag out of the trunk and SURPRISE!! The balloons would pop out and the perfume would be attached. Unfortunately, I heard the balloons would pop so I decided against it and told her that I was bringing her to the Cheesecake Factory to get her to Baltimore and told her it was a do over from the previous Saturday. After we ate, we went to the hotel which was the Radisson Inner Harbor and while we were getting the bags out of the car Sabrina yelled my name. She started questioning why Sabrina was there so I told her it was for a blogging conference and that Sabrina was interested in starting a blog. I also told her we had to be ready by 7:30pm because we were going to a meet and greet for the conference. Look at the video below to see the surprise.


After the concert, we hung out and went eventually went to bed and left the hotel around noon the next day. All in all, it was a great weekend! I’m just thankful to be able to make my mom smile. She is so deserving and I really just wanted to bless her. Cheers to the memories made this weekend hopefully more to come as I continue to endeavour to live my best life.

Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know what you did with your Saturday in the comments section.

 Beebz ❤

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