Retraction-Random Thoughts

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On November 21, 2017, I made a post entitled, Random Thoughts. This post was an attempt at me trying to figure out if God and the universe could be used interchangeably. In it I said:

I believe that when people refer to the universe, they are referring to God. I believe that when man was molded his outer being resembled God as far as flesh is concerned but on the inside, the breath of life that was breathed from God to man and God was literally transferring the universe into man. The universe aka His spirit which would mean that God is on the inside of us.

And then I went even further to say:

So what part exactly is the universe you ask? I believe the spirit is the universe.

I was wrong about this and I apologize for putting it out there like that. After the article was published, no one called me out or anything, it’s just that I kept researching it and I realize that the universe is a creation of God. It is not on the same level as Him and therefore cannot be used interchangeably.

We can find similar attributes in nature due to both creations having the same Creator. Attributes, that He could’ve definitely transferred to us but I can’t be sure of that. I do know it was the Holy Spirit but I can’t say for sure that even the Holy Spirit and the universe is the same. For example, an artist’s handiwork typically bears the same signature; which is how you can tell that it’s authentically from that particular artist. The From now on, I will replace “the universe” with God. I will not bow down to a creation. Please forgive me. I will keep up the post because we make mistakes and I don’t want to erase my mistakes, I want to fix them.

So I will place a note in the previous post, retracting those thoughts. Who knows, it may help someone else who was struggling with that and help them on their personal journey. I’m not afraid to be wrong. I want to be transparent and I don’t mind owning up to it. I’m not just one of those people that want to paint a perfect picture as if I never miss the mark. I miss the mark all the time. When I post, I’m learning and am willing to admit that I’m a constant work in progress…that’s what We, The Peculiars is all about, asking questions, taking action, learning, revising if necessary, correction, taking more action and growing.

Hope you guys can forgive me for that.

Peace ✌

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