Holiday Party Realness…

Yo Guys,

I definitely missed Friday’s post, my bad but I did do two on Thursday. I miss you guys so much tho. So we have plenty to talk about, I had a extremely busy weekend. I could do a couple of outfit of the days, a couple of hauls from the rest of my Black Friday purchases,  a Sunday Sermon, more Clean with Me’s and possibly even a Get Ready with Me (makeup edition, if it loads) for ya. If you are really interested in the Get Ready with Me, I can recreate it, if you are interested.

So let’s start with Friday. Friday was our regional Holiday party at the Newton White mansion. I wore a cute little fit my mom picked out for me and my hair hat (what I call wigs). I also did my makeup which I haven’t been doing that frequently but my exception has been for events so it was a perfect time to be a little girly.


I had never been to the Newton White mansion but it was beautiful. I could definitely see why it’s booked up years in advance for summer weddings. There was a lot of cobblestone though so I had to be extra careful in my heels. The food was good. We had salad with cranberries, feta and vinaigrette, honey glazed chicken breast, string beans, pasta and gumbo. After I finished eating, I found my supervisor and we went to the dance floor where they had the Secret Society band playing, when I say they rocked…they rocked. I danced so much that my feet and legs were literally aching when I left (excuse the singing-don’t hold it against me). I also took a couple of pictures in the photo room but decided not to post them due to me looking like Tina Turner’s long lost niece (note-take pics before you start dancing). All in all, it was a great event. I wish I could spend every Friday like that.


FYI-My dress is from Eloquii, shoes are from TJ Maxx and make up was Fenty (just in case you were curious).

 Beebz ❤

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