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So y’all know these last couple of months I’ve been posting pretty much every week day. I don’t really have a schedule but tend to post between noon and 3 pm. I’ve recently noticed that despite me consistently posting, my stats show things have decreased and I’m confused. Is there something you guys aren’t feeling? I want to produce great content but I also want you guys to be engaged. If there’s any tips you can give me I’d really appreciate it.

This is a lifestyle blog with a biblical twist. My goal is to get better everyday and I’m the test dummy. I’m showing how I apply these things to my life whether it be spiritual application, elevating my clothing, personally developing, taming my emotions, cleaning up my environment, building vocabularies, learning this business of blogging and encouraging myself. I’ve started series which have supported these ideas such as the Week of OOTD’s, Clean with Me, Sunday Sermons, Affirmations, What I Did With My… and the Here to Stay or Gone Astray. I’ve also added fun tidbits such as my Bitmoji as well as fun videos that supported my topics and even personal footage from events.

As stated before, if you aren’t getting anything from this or would prefer to see something else from me or is this normal to have these dry spells, please let me know in the comments section and I’d love to incorporate your ideas.



 Beebz ❤

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