Home for the Holidays

Hey You Guuuuyyysss Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

What’s going on? How was your holiday?

I had an amazing time with friends and family. It didn’t start off so good as I was thinking about my sisters. I haven’t seen them since October and I miss them sooooo much. If you wanna know what happened, check it out here. I was thinking about sending gifts but on the twins’ birthday, their mom told me not to and I get it. They have so much they probably don’t need anything but at the same time they are kids and if I’m not able to spend time with them anymore then I have to do something to let them know I care. So I decided that I’ll begin to write them letters every so often. Unfortunately, that will have to do (at least for the time being) until they get a little older.

I was invited to LaRhonda’s house (she’s in the middle). She recently purchased this gorgeous home and had a baby which I adore. She was also apart of the SODAS. Y’all know about the SODAS, right? SODA stands for Sexiest Original Divas Alive. We got the name from these guys we used to hang out with in high school. They called themselves WHOTAH, pronounced whoah-snapchat-1681347277364735492.jpgtah as in water, it meant We’re Helping Others To Avoid Hating. I know, we were all soooo whack but we were young so it was cool. Anyway, Sabrina and I went and all of her family was there. We had so much fun!! We played the Fruit Roll Up Game. The rules were that you had to unwrap the Fruit Roll Up, slightly put it in your mouth, put your hands behind your back and see who can eat it the fastest. Then we played For the Culture. It’s a game you can download and it has different categories, you pick a guesser and they hold the phone on their forehead to avoid seeing the word and everyone else has to help them guess it before the buzzer goes off.snapchat-14642427441923086937.jpg


After I left there, I went to my cousin’s house and all of my mother’s immediate family came over. In the picture to the left is me of course, and my cousins.  They’re sisters. The first one on the left is one of my bff’s Doree, Torian is the youngest and Tyree is the middle and most like me. Oh yeah, and my mom is in the background beside the tree. We don’t get together as much as we should but we had a ball. All and all, it was a great day! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well.

Happy Holidays

Beebz ❤

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