Looking Forward: 2018 Business Roadmap

Hey Y’all Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

So a couple of posts ago, I told you guys I would post my business goals for this year. In it I’ve also come up with a theme. I believe it will serve as a guide professionally and nicely compliments my personal goals. I’m super excited to get started. I’ve purchased a planner; so this weekend, I’m gonna focus on planning out at least the next 6 months with my theme in mind. (If you want any information about how I plan to do that, let me know)

Theme for the year: Be the Light, Be the Love, Be the Action! Screenshot_20170913-055929

As you know, my name begins with B but I’ve been doing a lot of research which has led Up Up and Awayme to believe that “B” is one of the most powerful letters in the Alphabet. God didn’t say “Let there be light” as some translations would have us to believe. He said, “Light, Be” and it was. “Let” insinuates that He’s asking. “Be” is commanding the light to exist in its purpose, light didn’t need instruction on how to shine. It needed authority to exist in this realm. With that being said, all of these things already exist (light, love, action) and are operating. This year they will have the authority to exist in my personal and professional life.

  1. I want to communicate fluidly throughout all platforms-meaning if there is a theme of the day example: Jesus loves you- I want to communicate that in different ways throughout the various streams of social media without using the same images or wording
  2. Post more often across all social media platforms- perhaps a scheduler may help with this. I see most brands post as much as every couple of hours and influencers post between 1-4 images a day
  3. Brainstorm and action ideas prior to posting dates- Having strategies and themes already together ahead of time to post more often while having a more seamless integration. Creating a better system to create content in advance opposed to day of turnarounds- a month to 2 weeks in advance
  4. Foster more engagement- ????
  5. Push creativity- learning technology to produce better images
  6. Consider aesthetic of blog- creation of official logo
  7. Networking- this is out of my comfort zone but a great way to learn, did Blogalicious last year would like to expand this year
  8. Have Fun- I don’t want this to become an obligation, I don’t want to be a private failure but a public success. I don’t want to post pics that show I’m having the time of my life but behind the scenes, I despise it-don’t compromise for fame, keep Jesus at the center of it and keep it real

If you have any tips, tricks, resources or suggestions as to how I can accomplish these goals, please hit me up. Thanks 🙂

 Beebz ❤


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