What I Learned From 17′

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I skipped some questions as I’ve already answered them in previous posts.

About A Year Ago Tag:

1. What was the best memory of the year? Making a big deal of my Mom’s birthday

2. What was the biggest obstacle of the year? Letting my Dad go

3. Top 5 Beauty Products of the year? FENTY BEAUTY

4. Favorite YouTubers? Lavendarie, Raven Elyse, Keesha Anderson, Ashley Devonna, Jamie &Nikki, faceovermatter, Jayla Koriyan, Clusie L, Kariwoo and Life Coach Shawn

5. Regrets from this past year? Wasted time and gave up working out

6. Most memorable phrases of the year? Living my best life, Reclaiming My Time

7. Lessons Learned?

  • You can love folk from afar- You can’t keep people from being toxic but you can control how you react to it, even if that means that you have to remove yourself for your own well being. Too often, we are too nice. Yep, I said it, the Christian girl said it! We are too nice, we try to be too politically correct or kind because we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or we don’t want to be those hypocrites but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, some people’s vibes are off and you can’t force it. There will be times when it’s you or them and you have to make the choice.
  • Be mindful of opportunists- There are gonna be times when you should lend a helping hand. We are blessed to be a blessing but at the same time when you have blessed someone and they not only take that blessing but try to take yours too. You will have to speak up and/or stop the giving. By doing this you are not someone who gives a gift and wants it back (if you are, check yourself), the grace has simply just run out. You gave what you could and there’s nothing wrong with that, you completed what you were supposed to. Keep in mind, you are called to be a blessing not an enabler.
  • You are stronger than you think- You will be disappointed by people who you thought had your best interest in mind, you will be ridiculed for no reason, you will be singled out, you will be lonely even…it’s all a part of the process. In those seasons, do a lot of introspection and present yourself to God often. If He’s pleased, stick to your guns. If He isn’t, repent, turn from that and replace it with a better behavior or mindset. Do take it seriously, don’t get bitter and continue to love.
  • Fall in love with the process- This is harder than it sounds but when adversity comes you need to know what the process is before it touches down. This is to prepare you so that when adversity comes you aren’t emotional because you already know this is what has to happen to get to the promised land. If you don’t know, you will allow emotions to segregate you, depress you and cause you to resent it and others.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy- There are so many gorgeous, talented, great personality, bomb bodied, successful girl bosses out here that it’s hard to believe that the right one will be interested in you if you don’t have all of that and more going for you.

8. Most embarrassing moment? The questions I got after I got laid off and realizing that my dad didn’t love me enough to work for our relationship

9. Biggest Accomplishments in 2017? Walking away from toxic relationships, Having grace when job set me free, Giving God glory through the blog, Living my best life

10. Looking forward to? Amazing accomplishments and making lovely memories

If you happen to do this tag, please tag me. I would love to read your responses and learn more about you.

  Beebz ❤







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