Risky Business

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So today, let’s talk about risks. I’ve been thinking about risk a lot lately due to me trying to unearth some of the things that have held me back. I frequently talk about taking steps to get better everyday and one of the tools that have most helped me identify where to start has been introspection.

Previously, I assumed that I didn’t like risks or taking them due to my personality and while that may play apart in it, I have to dub it b.s. as I’m sure there are others that have similar personalities that have been successful at taking risks. I’m a sanguine/phlegmatic by the way. If you’re interested about finding out about your personality, click here to take the test.

As a sanguine/phlegmatic mix I’m pretty balanced, I would say but I’m not typically the person that’s gonna risk it all on black 35 just because I had a dream about black cars and will be turning 35 this year, you know what I mean? Although, I might not risk my mortgage in the casino or anywhere else, there have been times when I have put myself in a tight positions for something I really wanted…not gonna fake. I realize that I have to  take my emotions out of my spending.

I wanna be more fearless with taking good risks but I have to find out how to determine whether the risk is worth it or not. If I’m not equipped with that information, I typically decide against making unstable decisions which causes me the possibility of missing greatness. I legit have to work hard to throw caution to the wind when it comes to taking larger risks so I have to trust my gut more and unfortunately I’m not sure if that’s good enough…or is it?

Lately, I’ve noticed that if you want to win big, you have to be willing to risk big and if you’re not willing to risk big, then you may or may not win, and if you do win, it will most likely be small. Who wants to win small? Anyone who was great was great because they pushed barriers, they were forerunners, trendsetters and pioneers and they didn’t do that in comfort. I think risks are widely feared because there’s a lot of opposition involved because it deals with tearing down mindsets and mindsets are hard to change, even if it’s our own.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do…

Changing other’s minds is a whole other animal. Let’s just be real, the average person doesn’t want to deal with the unfriendly side of people. In fact, most would like nothing more than to exclude people they don’t know or like as much as possible. That thinking is not only unwise but it’s not profitable at all. Not only as good people but as business people, we must learn to love people without trying to empty their pockets for the merely delight of filling ours; but we must genuinely be concerned for their well being. Our products and/or services must provide value for them and you can’t wholeheartedly do that if your only concern is their spending power.

Business aside, in every area of our lives there’s risk to be taken. If you aren’t willing to fall in love, you never experience how amazing it feels to love deeply and have it reciprocated. That’s why it’s called “falling,” there is risk associated with it. If you decide to gamble with your heart, there is a chance that you may end up with a broken one. Oh but what if it works out? JACKPOT! You’ve got something that people wait their whole lives to experience. If you never try, you’ll never know what you might end up with; but if you do, the only thing you can be certain of is that you’ll never be the same.

Tis’ better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

It’s a lot when you really stop and think about it because we are taught to fear failure but everything I’m learning says the opposite; I’m learning to use failure as a stepping stone. Even that, takes unlearning somethings, stepping out of your comfort zone, changing your perception, restructuring things in your life and being willing to defend it and/or educate others when the naysayers start causing a ruckus and not only that but not allowing those bad vibes to cause you to doubt.

So how do you manage your risk? What would you say is a good place to start?

 Beebz ❤




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