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As you guys might know I had an interview last Friday. The interview was for an up and coming restaurant called Hook and Vine. I was interviewing for an Administrative Assistant role that features some Marketing responsibilities. It would be part time but has the potential for growth. I was super excited about the opportunity being as though I’ve tried getting into Marketing for years as that’s what I went to school for but was unable to secure a position previously. I believe it was due to me not having at least 1 to 2 years experience which is requirement listed on most announcements I see. To my downfall, I didn’t have an internship due to lack of knowledge, needing money and not having a reliable source of transportation but mainly I didn’t know and when I found out how valuable it could be, it was too late. But that’s neither here nor there…

snapchat-17871324281745294896.jpg I got the coat from Eloquii. It was on sale at the time I purchased it which was around 99 bucks. It’s a robe coat and I really like the plaid, I’m into the structure of the lapels and the fit. I’m also feeling the length. My only issue is that it isn’t super warm and for that reason it’s a great transition piece. So it’s not really a deal breaker for me.

I felt really smart in this piece and actually kept it on the whole time. I didn’t even realize that I was doing plaid on plaid, a sweet combo if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I no longer see it on the site but click here to see the closest thing I could find to it.

I also purchased the top from Eloquii. It was apart of my huge Eloquii haul I did in November. I will link that haul here just in case you are interested. The shirt isn’t a typical white button up that is essential to every wardrobe. It has a cool slit sleeved detail. I guess now that I think about it is kinda weird but I typically look for different details in my clothing. Right now it’s on sale for $29.99. Check it out here. I rolled the sleeves up and will most likely continue to do so.snapchat-1792170871841794041.jpg

I got my suit from River Island. Currently, it is on sale so if you are interested check it out soon. The jacket is $60 and the pants are $34. I really loved it and had to have it so I paid full price. It’s not too fussy and is actually pretty casual as it features a 3/4 bar cuff blazer, tapered leg pants, thin lapel and checkered design. The suit actually is very comfortable and is a little stretchy. Check it out here and  here as they are listed as separates.

I believe you guys have seen the shoes before. I got these babies are $49.90, from Zara and they were perfect for the interview. Although no one probably paid attention to them, the ribbon slogan laces have writing on the them. I had to wear them because I wanted the interviewers to see that I am literally “Ambitious and Unstoppable” and if they didn’t know from my resume, at least they could read it on my shoes. The shoes themselves are faux patent leather with cream accents. See them here.

Hope you dug my fit. Let me know you favorite piece and if you didn’t like how I styled it, let me know what you would’ve done differently.

wp-15174384717061586474471.png Beebz ❤

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