Weekly Rundown: January 27-February 02, 2018

Hey Guys Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

Happy Groundhog Day. Chile, this week was a doozy, filled with crazy ups and downs. I’m typically a pretty even kill person, not much happens on the daily bases, no drama…personal development, work, the blog, talk to my judys, watch Youtube, Netflix and then I’m out for the night. Simple, right? but this week, my God, it was a rollercoaster.

So Friday night after I posted, I had an interview that I didn’t apply for. I got a phone call Thursday night asking if I would be interested. The job is for an up and coming restaurant close to my area which was right on time because the night before I just leased a car (just in case you don’t know, I can only drive 12k miles/year) I’ve never done anything like this but I figured I’d challenge myself. Anyway, I’ll be doing/or have already done an #OOTD post on my interview fit so be on the lookout for that. I interviewed for an administrative role that would include Marketing. Sidenote- I’ve never worked in the restaurant business or in Marketing. I have a degree in Marketing but couldn’t get a job. It always came down to lack of experience but I couldn’t get experience if no one would hire me in that field. So I off the break, felt really good about it. It ended up going well and was told I would hear something by Monday. It’s Friday and I still haven’t heard anything. I’ve followed up with my contact but still haven’t heard anything yet. After the interview, I had a girl’s night with some friends (Tuere, Doree and Monica). We pretty much stayed up all night catching up, eating, drinking and being merry.

After that the rest of the week was pretty much a blur. I’m sure I was grateful and giving praise until outta nowhere I was hit with a weird depression/anxiety which I detailed in my Slipped, Fallen, Gotta Get Up post. Click the link to read that. Aside from that, I’ve been pulling myself out of that funk for the rest of the week.

This Week’s Assessment: January 27th to February 2nd

Rollercoaster, for sure. I give it a C+. There were very hard times during the week but I was able to press through. I completed 4 posts and actually have already started the 5th, which is great despite the setback. Unfortunately, one of those posts was a catch up post that was suppose to have been done last weekend but I’m just glad it was still done so that I could keep on track with the #WPP posts. I was able to harness the bad energy and used it to clean which is something I’ve needed to do for soooo long. I’ve also gotten back on track with writing the 3 things I’m grateful everyday, journaling and doing random acts of kindness. I realize that those simple acts ground me and is integral part of my positivity.

I fell short by not posting my book review though and falling behind on my 5 Musts in the first place, I think that created the opportunity for the bad energy to wreak havoc.

Next Week’s Goals:

I’ve decided that if I am not offered the job that I’m gonna ask my supervisor if I can change my schedule to work 3 10 hour days. This will help me to conserve miles, gas, really focus on applying to more jobs, begin to work out, help me to stay on top of my house chores and potentially help me to chunk so that I can get on top of my content. I want to post at least 3 to 4 times but as always we’ll see what happens.

wp-15174384606292032620770.png Beebz ❤

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