Weekly Rundown: February 10-16, 2018

Hey Guys Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

Sooooo this week was the first week I thought I was gonna give myself an A. Granted, I haven’t done as many posts as I would normally but it has been extremely busy with 2 part time jobs, looking for full time work, dealing with deep rooted emotions, sticking to my new schedule, event planning, keeping up with the house and cooking and blah, blah, blah. You get it. We are all so busy. So yeah, I believe you guys know but I got the other part time job and this week I thought my transparency was about to cause me to lose it. I had orientation, well I really didn’t have it, everyone else did but it was supposed to have been mine to, it’s neither here nor there. Anyway, I mentioned that I was looking for a full time job. Apparently this sent shock waves and on Tuesday I was told that they didn’t want to invest in me if I was gonna up and leave. Now, hold up, aint not nea person done said nothing about leaving so I had to explain that I would be leaving my other job or at least cutting down hours there. Mamma needs some cash flow and I love blogging but it’s not like that for me yet. You see I’m speaking it in existence, right?

And then there was Valentine’s day…which was perfect!! LOL, y’all thought I was gonna be a hater, didn’t you? Naw, that’s not in my blood but it was cool. I was on the phone with my male best friend, Juan, which was so sweet being as though he has a girlfriend. Then I guess she came home and me and Sabrina asked “what if” questions for the rest of the night about past joints which kinda made me think about some of them. I don’t think much about relationships these days. I got really tired of bringing them up and decided what’s for me is for me, so I figured while that was happening I’d work on myself and that’s what I’ve been doing. In the back of my mind though there was always 2 or 3 that I kinda was hoping I would have an opportunity with since I never did (long story…if you wanna hear about one of those, click here)

Aside from those two little things, which wasn’t really anything for real, this week was cool. I set up my schedule and I’ve been sticking to it!!! I know I’m so excited! So the schedule goes like this:

5am- Morning Routine-Wake Up, Brush Teeth, Put on Work Out Clothes, List 3 things I’m grateful for, Meditate and Pray

6am- Exercise

7am- Shower

8am-Drive to Work

9am to 3pm-Work

3pm-Drive Home

4pm to 9pm-Open/Other Job

10pm to 11:30pm- Night Routine-Read 10 pages of book, Brush Teeth, Clean Face, Bath/Shower, End of the day Journaling

This Week’s Assessment: February 10th to February 16th

According to last week’s assessment and goals, I would give myself an A but because of that hick up at work, I got really stressed and I don’t want things to shake me like that. I’m always talking about God and trusting Him. I’m still a work in progress but I don’t want to excuse that I need to trust in the midst and not only when I calm down. So I give myself a B+. I did do some great things:  I saw that there was a need, I figured out a plan, executed it and so far I’m sticking with it. I truly believe that implementing this will make me better and cause me to make the positive changes that I ultimately planned for in 2018.

Next Week’s Goals:

Strive to create habits and find a rest day to eliminate burn outs. There will be major event at the Community Center so I want to make sure that runs smoothly so that will most likely be my major focus.

Let me know how you thought I did and if you think I deserve an A or a B. I’d love some feedback. Also are you feeling these assessment posts?

   Beebz ❤


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